And one more bites the dust!


Actor Kalpana died this morning. It comes as a very unexpected bit of news because I saw her onscreen last week in Charlie very much alive, in the best of her active acting form. But the character she plays dies in that film.

It is difficult to explain the initial shock the news has rippled off .. She was one of those actors who excelled in her comic timing and her serious roles. I don’t know how many of you have watched Bangalore Days. She plays the mother of Kuttans played by Nivin Pauly. When the film begins she is a mother-wife residing in the village/town going about her wifely and motherly duties of the home and household. After a certain point in the story, she comes to stay with her son in Bangalore. The way in which she has executed the role and transformation is superb.. At one level the transformation is very comical, but at another level, it calls out attention to a serious problem in the life of more than a few women. These women whose dreams about a life are forgotten after their wedding, adapts themselves to the present life but later when they get a chance lives the life they have always wanted with makeshift changes within the societal set up. The rest of the story of the film surrounding her character is about how her son reacts to such a transformation, his initial disbelief and later acceptance.. Which brings me to a related anecdote a friend shared. She said her teenage kids could not believe when she told them one day over lunch that she does not like to cook. It took a while she said for them to realize that their mother cooked because nobody else did at home and not because she loved it!

The clips are not available online to show you a glimpse..Watch the film.

Watch all those films she has made us laugh out in the moment and later thinking of it ..

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19 thoughts on “And one more bites the dust!”

  1. It was a sad news and I watched half of B’lore days just 2 days back and I felt all the more bad when I saw her acting.
    And yes, Charlie too. It was sort of a weird coincidence I must say 😮

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    1. Do you remember actor Bahadur? his last role in the film joker ended in a death.. And soon afrer he died. Media made a sensation out of soman’s death.. Because the time he died coincided with that moment in the film julie which was being screened in some channel.. It sounds weird ..

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