My Thought Keeper

I think MJ is the one person who knows all my thoughts. It is her ears that listen to me the most, it is she I talk to the most and in turn I think, she talks to me the most too, … she and I to each other become that one person we can open up to any time, whatever the reason or occasion or for no reason.

If we count the hours we have talked to each other, read each other’s thoughts and fought for the rest of the time it would span from the time since I was conceived, those nine months rolling around inside her. She may have thought more than once, god! I have gave birth to a chatter box 😛 But, she always says she hoped her first-born was a girl, and as she wished, I was born.. This is because she is the only girl in her family, and I came to her as her that female companion, .. all rolled into one! She would say one Pins is more than a handful even now! 😛 [and for that matter she does not want any more Aquarians as family 😛 ]

The friendship & fights between us are mutual. Ask her whom she has the most word wars with or whom she fights with the most, she will say my name! What I mean to say is, we are best friends to each other.. we are thought keepers to each other..

But more than once I’ve felt I am a friend and thought keeper to few more people than they are friends and thought keepers to me. It is not always mutual some of these bonds of friendship between people. They may consider me their (best) friend, which I may be to them, but they may not be mine. In the same way, I may think somebody is my friend, but they may not share my sense of friendship. Does this sound strange? I think we are all in such relationships, where there exists an imbalance.

Bottomline is, we need to have friends… Not because Aristole said so.. But it is a feel good feeling … a couple of best friends, a handful of close friends, a few more friends and a lot of acquaintances.. I have this concentric circle theory of friendship and have found quirky ones like me who follow such circluar theories.

Blogathon ’16 Day 23


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pins & ashes

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18 thoughts on “My Thought Keeper”

  1. That was touching, true friendships always are. And if you have a friend in your mom what can be better. I hope I can be half of that to my kids.

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