The story of a key chain

I live a hostel, and I have more than a few friends. That said, I also have a few keys to some of their rooms, which translates to, if there is an ‘on the spot competition during a New Year Eve’s party for ‘the highest number of keys in a key chain,’ I may be a strong contender and even win it. The last count on that key ring of mine was 14. To accommodate all the keys, another friend gifted me a key pouch.. where the keyring and the keys are cosily zipped inside a pouch. This ensures there is no more clings and clangs when the keys strike against each other or a jing-jing sound as I walk with them.. šŸ™‚

Airport talesIt was during this while, a friend’s friend came to visit, she wanted a room to stay for the time she was here. Since one of my friends was away, and I had a key to her room, with prior permission, of course, I removed a key from my key ring and gave it to her, making the number of keys in my ring to 13. (13 .. the number comes with so many many connotations :P) Two days later, as she was leaving after her stay, she returned not just the lone key, but the key in a key ring. The story of how I have a koala bear key chain.

Now the koala bear has become friendly with my elephant on the rack…wp-1449811357601.jpg

Blogathon ’16 Day 20


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7 thoughts on “The story of a key chain”

      1. Keychain are something which I keep on changing.. I have a fancy for such little little things! Japanese doll šŸ™‚ I have a set of Japanese dolls show pieces šŸ™‚ and a Chinese stuffed cat šŸ™‚


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