Thursday Photo challenge..

The Thursday photo challenge asks for a favorite photo from the last year.. this is an easy one, of all the photos I clicked the one that remains close to my heart.. and gives me a burst of happiness is this one, of this Delhi pigeon preening its feathers around 3 pm on a branch of a mango tree which happened to be just outside my window with tinted glass. Bliss!


This is the photo that came to mind, first. But as I scrolled down to insert this picture into the post from the media folder, my mind dilly dallies.. there are many more favorite photographs.. a group of them like .. this lady koel, that squirrel.. that flower, the moons, the cat..

Ok, I’ll add one more to the group, anyway it has turned out to be more than one.. how can I not have a favourite food picture for the year πŸ™‚ salt water

This is at a restaurant in Bandra.. Salt Water. I will keep visiting this place because I fell in love with their furniture at first sight, and two, I fell in love with that little jute sack they served their breads in.. ! The picture of a portion of basa fish with a half cut lemon placed on top of it from the earlier “smells fishy” post is from here. It has been an amazing food year in pictures, 2015.Β 


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15 thoughts on “Thursday Photo challenge..”

    1. Cat Lover πŸ™‚ I partial to dogs ..and birds.. You shd meet some of my cat lover friends.. but agree wholeheartedly that “it is a treat to watch birds and animals engage in their activities” very true.. as a side effect, it has taught me to be patient.. wait, and shoot πŸ™‚


    1. I was sooper thrilled those days when it showed up in front of my window.. You know what Arch, I sat looking for the moon on those days in particular because one of my friends was observing the Karva Chauth.. as no moon was seen in her parts, so a group us friends thought we’ll spot the moon in our parts of the sky and whatsapp her the pic πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi GG, I was thinking the same, and amused about it. I have put a random rotate for that set of pictures, as a result the order of the pictures on display keeps on changing.. Unable to figure out which one you liked. Or did you mean the very last picture from the restaurant?



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