Monday Chili’s Musings..

The first picture is a smoky something burger with buffalo meat.. bacon.. onion rings.. it was a visual treat from the time it was set on the table.. and a mouthful. Take a bite and there are surprises inside to be discovered, and as a foodie, you keep on chewing for a while.. because it is a mouthful.. a camera’s treat.. therefore, these many pictures. What I loved about the plating, that top part of the bun which stands right next to the assemblage leaning on it.. I found it very amusing 🙂


But the tastiest thing on the table was the basa.. with a mango salad, a portion of rice and some steamed vegetables.. it was divine. the first of the dishes among the three in the picture below.


You should take my word for it, because as a person you give me a choice between meat and fish, I always choose the former.. so when I say fish dish is good, it is good.. At home when I go for a second helping of the fish dish, my family does this chorus “the fish should be really good today” 😛 😛

Here’s a closeup of the plate..


One of my favourite places to snack and catch up with friends especially at night.. 🙂


Blogathon’16 Day 11


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