O Penne..

My ex-wallmate, as she calls herself (we shared a wall, our rooms in the hostel are on either side of this wall) came into my room while this song was going on, one day. She was so much in love with the music that she sat down listened to it and wanted a rerun, the song was on a loop so it played all by itself.. .and then she wanted a translation…. Listen to the song. if the video does not play, search for  “Oh Penne Song | Zachariahyayude Garbinikal Malayalam Movie Official”

Translation is difficult, especially in cases like these, especially when she insisted on a line by line.. What do I tell her.. the song literally translates line by line as “oh my dear girl (girl =penne, you would know from the vaayadi pennu :P)/pamper pamper (konji = roughly means pamper/ adult doing child talk), you are the rainbow in most of my 1000 dreams..there is sugar inside my chest… glass bangles…. love blooms…” I may have made up the last two lines.. but you get it don’t you..

Translations sometimes kill the essence of lovely things like this song! laughing out loud at the very idea of these set of words in my head.. I conveyed a translation of the gist of the lyrics as ….

“a man (the man in song, played by actor Aju Varghese) is ridiculously in love with a girl (played by Rima Kallingal), and for him she is very thing lovely. He uses different metaphors to describe and imagine her in beautiful ways….” A man in love singing to a girl he thinks is his.

I felt even the use of the word metaphor in the explanation caused a break in the flow of the meaning of the song… ahaa! It is a cute film. There is one scene where a fellow colleague reminds this lover boy that the woman he is in love with is pregnant from another man to which he answers (a very rough translation)

“..still the baby is growing inside Fatima (girl’s name … ”  🙂 the delivery of this line in Malayalam makes you smile.. 🙂 @Zakariyayude Garbinikal.  (A link to my thoughts on the film). The film can be called an anthology of stories about pregnant women  tied together by their gynecologist Zac. This is one of the stories.. of the two medical care givers of that hospital in love.

Oho Penne Konji Konji Song from malayalam movie  Zachariyayude Garbhinikal (2013) is sung by Alap Raju, Manikandan, composed by Vishnu-Sharath and lyrics are penned by  Aneesh Anwar.

Blogathon ’16 Day 9 | I just realized that there are daily prompts at Tunneling Thru yesterday. Linking this post to a prompt for the January 6.  “This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and this was a prompt for January 6 “Dig into your archives, Pick a favorite post and Expand on it.” linked here –> Being Mom to Three .


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17 thoughts on “O Penne..”

  1. Nice song.. Thanks for the tag 🙂
    PS: I am not able to play the YouTube link. It says ” This video contains content from Starindia. It is not available in your country.” Something to do with the StartIndia acquiring Asianet, I think.

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    1. Search it on youtube.. it is coming up for lot of videos these days.. I’ve linked the song detail with the name of the film after the video in the post.. 🙂 I love this one ..


    1. Thank you very much. Your comment had gone into the spam folder.. just saw and restored it 🙂 Thank you for the list of bloggers.. I guess the best things these awards do, is create a list of blogs to go to, read, interact.. 🙂

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  2. I know the song. So didn’t have to watch the video 🙂 To me, it is a combination of the lyrics and music that does the magic. Sadly, I am listening to less music these days. I used to plug in my ear phone 20 hours a day before, around three years back. I think I should get back to the habit. It is rejuvenating, isn’t it?

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    1. Me too.. Even I had stopped listening to songs for a time, and the only songs I knew were the ones I had listened to constantly .. but the habit of listening is slowly getting back 🙂


  3. This is a beautiful song. Thank you for the translation, it really helps people like me understand better. I like songs with meaningful lyrics and was wondering for a moment if that era of good music was gone. Good to know that there are still some songs which respect the lyrics equally 🙂

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