It has been a two weeks of revelations.. revelation #1 two-three acquaintances I met at the hospital think I swallowed some 10 cubes of ice at one go to reach this voiceless state.ย Revelation #2 A few other people thought I was on maun vrath when I showed them in sign language I did not have a voice. (that still remains a strange thought to me that people go on maun vrath on certain days of the month depending on the waxing and waning of the moon). As an extension, a few yoga enthusiasts thought I was doing an in house Vipasana course.. since I was not able to make to Igatpuri in a long time… revelation #3 the doctor asked me whether I shouted at the top of my voice! apparently that is also a way the vocal cords will be strained. Initially, I thought he was joking.. but seeing his no smile serious chubby face I understood he was expecting a monosyllabic answer.. I nodded a no.. he made me write down everything I did in the last 10 days with my voice… and most of the columns I wrote said I was talking.. to friends, at the mess, over the phone, on the road, .. and he looked up at me, and asked..”have you lost your voice before” I said, yes.. once before.. he replied shocked “just once, for the amount of talking you do..”he laughed out loud.. I laughed too, but no sound came out .. and still that remains the sad part, I can’t wholeheartedly laugh in these days past..! So I get by with the act of laughing, soundless.. open mouthed.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well the reason I lost my voice is ironical to say the least.. the doc wants to meet me when I get to my voice back to hear me, sing.. because singing at the open bristo with the band on a cold Christmas night was the reason he says I lost my voice in the next few days.. !! (my present group of friends here came to know I sing, a piece of information my school mates and friends school and my family knew from school days). Imagine the irony, I sing and I lose my voice.. ! but I was singing after a very long time, that too live.. it was a great end to the year 2015.. singing to a live audience with a band.. not one, but many many songs.. I have loved singing all through ..

As you know, ย if you have read my new year post, my vocal cords have been strained.. and I have been advised to shut up and not speak at all if I want to be continuously audible for my presentation coming up in two weeks time. What do I do, I remain in my room the entire day. That way I don’t meet people, and if I don’t meet people I don’t have to open my mouth to talk. But I can’t just sit like that quiet for long, so when I go down for a cup of coffee and meet my friends, I do talk. Poor things, my friends, by the virtue of being my friends, they need to listen to whatever noise I make is like I have suddenly found life.. say, after being submerged underwater and I have come up for air, and I’m trying to lap up as much oxygen as possible .. before I take the next long dip!




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20 thoughts on “Revelations..”

    1. I’ve done my sharing of shouting.. but this is the just the second time round.. I have hurt my vocal cords.. and you know I am not the soft spoken kind.. (surprise) this is like the doc’s question and lol situation.


  1. I once lost my voice…it was a case of severe cold, though, but I know the feeling of using sign language while people around you stand with a dumb face. That makes you angry, you want to scream, you can’t… become angrier…. a vicious cycle ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Get well soon and take care… ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I am wonder struck in a funny sort of way of how people assume I ended up in this condition. Since I cannot talk back, I listen and smile but they do have some imagination.. and i wonder whether these are true causes.. but who would gobble up 10 cubes of ice! Communication is difficult..

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  2. He he, looks like I am in a zone with multi talented people with singing and all. It will be nice to have a recorded one on your blog sometime :)..

    PS: May I request for an email subscription for the blog so that i can get regular updates. I seem to be missing on constant updates.

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    1. I suddenly feel the build up to my singing is too much, so much so that when you people hear me in person, you would go .. oh! just that! with shocked eyes ๐Ÿ˜› On the happy side, I feel bloggers are multitalented.. when you get to know them closely, or a stray post that comes out on something.. those talents come out too.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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