When Remy meets Julia Child.. 18R

What if Remy meets Meryl StreepJulia Child in my kitchen over  ratatouille. That would be exciting, that would be extra special because one, it is happening in my kitchen 🙂 🙂 🙂 add an extra more as Meryl Streep-Julia Child is just learning French and Remy knows not how to speak in human tongue! their love for food, would take away that language barrier.

What would you do, if you were to witness this fictitious possibility… I would die go to heaven and return to be a witness to it all over again 😀 😀 to die, go to heaven and come again to see their heads together in thought over a soup may be, this time round.. those are the first thoughts and if dreams do come true, well I wish I could see them.. or may be write about them.. a kind of fan fiction.. if I master the art of writing stories..at all!

This is just an instance, a figment of imagination, that popped up as I am in love with these two characters, love watching them on screen over and over again, not a speckle of tiredness even after the repetition, with a lot of love, a love for food.. and a love for films and here’s the best part, a film on food adapted from a book on food…


I read my first food fiction through Reader’s DigestEat Cake.. it was yummy, there was this character who made cakes, awesome cakes, along the way, the making of cakes became her way to de-stress herself,  a passion that turned into a profession when the family was in trouble ….. at that time I never knew there was something by the genre of food fiction, where the plot of the novel revolved around food or where food became the lead protagonist or where food became that layer of jam that brought together its different subplots…

Read or watched Chocolat anybody.. I’m sure some of you would have, writing about the  joy of whisking together different ingredients to make mouth watering chocolate from ancient Mexican recipes… (it is a legend, just a tiny part of the entire story)… the art that is cooking that borders of experimentation… just the way the flavours of strawberry and cheese (if my memory is right) erupted in Remy’s  the eruptions in his mouth, in his head, in his heart… of the merging of the food.. chemists would call it a chemical reaction.. so it is, any doubt.

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12 thoughts on “When Remy meets Julia Child.. 18R”

    1. We have a thing to talk about .. when we actually sit down at say BBS with a cup of coffee.. 🙂 My fav is the almond cake they make.. I went so crazy I even went ahead, found the recipe and baked that cake 🙂


  1. Well to be honest, i don’t know how i would react….i never cook 😉

    Nice post for this weeks letter, fun too

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)

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  2. I loved Remy and Julia Child. Cooking is becoming less and less of one of my activities, just the two of us we dine out a lot. However I LOVE butter.


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