Holmes it is ..

This is a post I wrote in my other blog in 2013. Dusting it out since Sherlock is back .. ūüôā

In recent years there has been a burst of activity with Doyles’ Sherlock Holmes in the form of films and TV series. I’m sure most of us are glued to the two recent TV series Sherlock¬†(2010-)¬†and¬†Elementary¬†(2012-).

According to IMDB, the first one is¬†¬†“a modern update (that) finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London.” The time and age are¬†different, Sherlock and Watson look different. The titles of the original stories have been tweaked, the plot has newer perspectives and taken a lot of the times and its different news makers, media and concepts into consideration. However, 221B Baker Street London, the names of the main characters, their behaviour and gestures are retained, although some of us had a little trouble accepting this wiry haired man¬†Cumberbatch as Sherlock initially. Cumberbatch Holmes spots 21st century gadgets such as a smart phone for faster access, communication and reach, for instance. However, he still has the habit of playing the violin.

The second one opens as “a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.” (IMDB) The name of the show is Elementary. The very same word Elementary from Holmes’ consistent reply “Elementary my dear Watson….” (An internet source says, Doyle never for once used this phrase, giving us Holmes fans another bunch of reasons to reread our favourite stories in detective fiction ;))

Elementary has all my attention. With such a title as ‘Elementary,’ we should have rightly guessed that there would be something interesting happening here in this series, especially with the character of Watson.. ¬†the¬†persona of Watson not only has a letter removed and another one added in the name but also has a change in sex of the character… Elementary introduces Holmes famous assistant in the character of Dr. Joan Watson, a woman. And there are other differences… She is not a tenant looking for a room partner, but enters 221b as Holmes’ sober companion, later to joins him as his full time assistant. It becomes easier to speculate about the relation between Sherlock and Watson, the various rumours, gossips, presumptions that has gone around for more than a 100 years about them, between them gets a new twist in the new ‘update’ This does make our fav detective stories from the Doyle lot newer and more interesting ūüėČ

Holmes the character has been received quite well in public imagination, readers’ memories and writing motifs. He has been adorned with roles from detective, to murderer to ¬†Moriarty to villain to ripper to snooper.. Watson has been kept aside, and here is a series which has a spotlight on the character of Holmes companion, friend and narrator of the series, Watson.

What’s in a name?¬†That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet; ” asked¬†Shakespeare¬†through Romeo in the famous play. ¬†So Holmes would, were he not Holmes call’d?


Elementary “is an American¬†crime¬†drama¬†series that¬†stars¬†Jonny Lee Miller¬†as Sherlock Holmes and¬†Lucy Liu¬†as¬†Dr. Joan Watson. Holmes is a former consultant to¬†Scotland Yard,¬†and also a recovering drug addict. He travels to New York City to check into a rehabilitation center¬†then lives with Watson, who becomes his¬†sober companion¬†and eventually his apprentice” (Wikipedia)

Sherlock “is a British television¬†crime drama¬†that presents a contemporary update of¬†Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s¬†Sherlock Holmes¬†detective stories. Created by¬†Steven Moffat¬†and¬†Mark Gatiss, it stars¬†Benedict Cumberbatch¬†as Sherlock Holmes and¬†Martin Freeman¬†as¬†Doctor John Watson.” (Wikipedia)¬†Images courtesy: Google
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7 thoughts on “Holmes it is ..”

  1. Quite true. Both shows have their positive sides, but still somehow, miss the charm of the original. ūüôā It doesn’t feel like Holmes and Watson. I guess that’s because I’m very fond of the original and can’t quite accept the modifications to that world.

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    1. Lavender, I don’t think there are any originals here.. all are versions of the same detectives series, Holmes written by Doyle .. each series has a different interpretations of the main character ūüôā


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