Let me also join the bandwagon.. there are two reasons for joining the resolution crowd. One, I read about 8-10 posts on resolutions alone today part of this blogathon. Second, the resolution I want to take up is about my love for the swimming pool which is technically exercise.. which came into focus with this post on inspirations to hit the gym. When so many posts came in together, obvio, I thought about that universe conspires line from The Alchemist.

I thought I’ll restart the exercise habit when the cold weather has subsided and my voice is back on track, and this cough is long gone.. and then I can hit the pool like I used to a year ago or continue with any form of exercise. It is hard to motivate this lazy me to do all this but .. as they say, when I do, I do it thoroughly… like this moment from flashback..

I learnt swimming about two-three years ago as a birthday gift to me. I decided that I will start swimming lessons in February and learn how to swim by the end of the month. It is a convenient time frame because my birthday falls in the second week of the month. While we were celebrating my birthday, I told my friends gathered there that year about my plan and some of them agreed.

So the next thing I did was I made a list. I counted 12 of us who wanted to enroll to learn to swim, and about 3 who wanted to fall into a routine to continue to swim. After the formalities of a doctor’s signature on the swimming form that proves us fit, we went shopping for our swimming accessories..  by the next day we were all ready to start to learn to swim as part of the 6:30 am batch. That’s how quick and interested we all were to hit the pool.

It was a lot of fun. That year, we lived on different floors of the same block of the hostel building. One person on each floor set an alarm for 5:30 and woke everybody up on that floor. Once up and ready, together we walked across the athletic field to the swimming pool. After about 1 and a 1/2 months, the 5 of us who were regular swim goers woke up earlier by about 10 minutes, did a 400m jog around the field and then went and jumped into the pool. I who could not complete that jog without stopping to catch my breadth earlier had built up the stamina to slow jog the entire track after 4 weeks of swimming in the pool in record time, daily.  (the perks)

In a matter of the next two weeks from the day we started swimming classes, three of us were promoted to the bigger pool from the baby pool. We had cleared the mandatory jump, dive and a 25 meter non stop free stroke lap. Though the numbers in the group dwindled, and a few took more time to be transferred to the bigger pool.. two of us stuck to plan for about 18 months straight. But more than a plan the routine had stuck. In those days, I could not imagine going through the day without a dip in the pool. Water for me had become like second nature, so much so that I thought I should be living in water rather walking around in air. It was no trouble waking up at 5:30 in the morning, and getting ready to hit the pool at 6:15. There were days when I finished my day with a second round of swimming around closing time at 9pm. We were all so much into swimming that when I declared pool as a party theme for a friend’s birthday, every one was sportive to accessorize and dress accordingly.

In those days, I woke up, brushed, had a banana and was off to the grounds and then to the pool. It was one of those marvelous routines I followed. Added to that, a friend of mine and I started learning to play squash. Life was so like clockwork, morning started early, I swam for an hour, played squash for about 30 minutes in the evening, by 11 I was fast asleep ..until I had to head out and stay away from campus for field work as part of my course. The routine has never come back since though I have gone swimming and played squash occasionally..

February is on its way soon, so who knows.. I may take it on to gift me again this year, may be a routine of surya namaskar, sn, as I fondly call it, or swimming or squash..(I just realized all three of my loves start with the letter s.. 🙂 Before this swimming routine, at an earlier hostel, a few of us friends had a yoga routine.. and how we challenged ourselves to a specific number of SNs everyday.. (another post).

Blogathon ’16 Day 5. 



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10 thoughts on “Resolutions..”

  1. yes .. company is good.. I use to go to gym regularly at 6am went for 3 years , but it was getting more and more difficult to motivate .. and then I came to india a few years back for 6 weeks and since then I have been to the gym for handful times now .. its been 6 years 🙂 I am still paying the fee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    reminds me I shud start it all again…

    all the best with your resolution

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    1. Company is always good.. they motivate you, but how long can we depend on somebody else .. what if those people are gone..! I would say once it becomes a routine like an ingrained habit then all nothing stops you or me from continuing it..


    1. Doesn’t it not.. it was fun.. I can even tell you in those days, somebody in the group would go up on youtube and pull up a video of some prank to be played in the pool, share it and we would do try it out the next day. The instructors had a tough time on their part.. keeping us apart .. but we inspired each other to swim and learn swimming . so far so good. as long as it lasted..


  2. Having company is the best way to learn and stick to something! I almost always have no company. I am slowly learning to do thing by myself. 😐 Hope you get back doing all your favorite things!! 🙂

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  3. Ooh how I envy you. I do hope you can get back to that routine. I used to be super regular at the gym too and we had a great Zumba group. But then the instructor moved away and our group split and now I feel so lost. I just cannot get the drive back. Friends are great but at the end of the day you have to depend only on your own self to keep on pushing you.

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