Monday Musical Musings: Aayiram Kanumayi..

Aayiram Kanumayi is a song from the 1984 Malayalam film Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu. Composed by Jerry Amaldev, and sung by Yesudas, this song has captured the hearts of Malayalees ever since.

Aayiram (1000) Kanumayi (eyes) kaathirunnu nine njaan  means I was waiting for you with 1000 eyes for so long… while waiting for you I never realized that the seasons and years went by .. I never realized when the snow fell and when it changed into spring and it rained and then it snowed again.. (come to think of it there are no winters in kerala, but why spoil the beauty of the song thinking of real facts 😛 ) Enjoy the original.

There is a male and a female rendering of this song in the film itself, but the more popular version is the male one. This is the male version (not a lip sync) picturised on Padmini and Nadhiya Moidu  in the film. The female, more slower version is sung by Chitra towards the end.. She won the Kerala State award for the Best Playback Singer (Female) for the first time for Aayiram Kannumayi.. (Skip to 6.55 minutes in the video linked to Chitra for her version of the song.)

Noketha Doorathu.. was Nadiya’s first film, directors Lal and Siddique were ADs to Fazil for it.. (came to know about that connection recently through an interview, I had read somewhere that it was Faazil who gave the name Ramji Rao Speaking to their maiden directorial in 1989. Ramji Rao was remade into Hindi by Priyadarshan as Hera Pheri (2000).)

Vineeth Srinivasan sang this song for his film Thatathin Marayathu.. I loved his version so much that I kept it as my alarm tone.. so whenever I did keep an alarm I woke up to Aayiram Kanumayi.. ah! the joy of waking up to one of my favourites in the morning. With the smart alarm on, Aayiram Kanumayi slowly wafted into my senses …waking me up slowly.. the air for half an hour before the alarm was aayiram kanumayi whispering into my ears and the room.. and most often after I woke up, I used to replay the song for the heck of listening to it over and over again. Here is Vineeth’s version. (This link is to his blog.)

Najim Arshad has also sung a cover.. Here is his cover from Kappa TV Music Mojo.

Blogathon day 4 – and it is musical mondays musings

ps: if the links are not working, you can double click and it directs you to youtube 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Monday Musical Musings: Aayiram Kanumayi..”

    1. Agree with you on that, the pathos is too good.. evoked with everything about this song.. the voice, the melody, the picturization, the lyrics .. all together a package.. and this song sums up the story of the film.. the pathos gives the listener an idea of an ending too. (not the specifics though) still. Have a great year Sreedeep 🙂


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