Ellarum Chollanu ..

Ellarum Chollanu (translated as, as everyone says) has been one of those refreshing songs in Malayalam –  to listen to, to sing along, to sing as a chorus.. sing impromptu. almost every song loving Malayalee knows this song and can sing along whenever sung by anybody..

it is from (a path breaking, that’s wiki’s language) film released in 1954, Neelakuyil.. a Raghavan master and Bhaskaran master composition. An another song which is a universal favourite of Malayees would be Maanika Veena.

Why am I referring to this song now, because after their success run with Ayala Vartuthathundu.. Amrita Suresh’s band Amrutham Gamaya has tried to cash in a remixed version of this ellarum chollunu. They have merged it with another popular (funny) number, Keetille Kottayathoru Mootha**..  blended them and they sound nacie together. (Not as nacie as Ayala Varuthathundu* but nacie.) I’m partial to their ayala song and its konkani bit they added to it, the general rhythm) So after their Ayala song which shot them into fame they have composed many others on thier own (I’m not a fan of those) but ellarum sounds better.

Here is the Amrutham Gamaya version and the original.

PS: I always thought Ellarum Chollanu was part of the theatre and not film.. (need to check that bit).

*Ayala (Mackerel in Malayalam) Varuthathundu – the phrase means.. there is mackerel fried (As a dish.. I’m not a big fan of mackerel, I love sardines better)

**Keetille Kottayathory Mootha – this song is about a story of an old man who is getting ready to get married ..

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10 thoughts on “Ellarum Chollanu ..”

    1. so the lyrics of the song goes like this.. everybody says that your heart is made of stone, very hard stone.. but when I touched you, I found it was a piece of sugar cane.. (something like that .. ) 🙂

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        1. throughout this song there is a negation of what is perceived to be and what is.. and that is why the refrain ellarum chollanu.. but I found out it is this . 🙂 (the second part I’m not so sure about, but there are some excellent films made )

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