The new year begins on a silent note… I’ve been asked to rest my voice for the next five-seven days, so that means I cannot open my mouth to talk, but me being me.. can’t survive without talking.. so.. it may take a few more days, is what I guess.

The drama queen in me wanted to name this post as Mauna Raagam 2016 πŸ˜› after the 1984 Mani Ratnam film. That’s when another idea struck.. what if I say, the vaayadipennu (chatterbox girl) is no longer a vaayadi (chatterbox) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ this inspiration came from the 1990 Malayalam film, Iyer the Great.. where Mamootty character Soorya Iyer fortells his own death as “the sun will set at 3:00 pm” (surya = another name for sun). My vocal cords are on a strike and refuse to answer to my need to talk.. it be could be that I talked so much this last year, that they did not get thier adequate rest …Β It is now that I fully understand the implication of the status message “Can’t Talk, Whatsapp only” πŸ˜› I cannot talk, even I want to, my voice sounds so alien to me.. I wonder who is this speaking… so for the past three days, I have been waking up and trying out the vowels, aaaaa… ee.. how far I can make a sound, or does a sound come out at all.. Β and if you by chance call me on my number all you get to hear is some jumbled air trying to make sounds..

2015, thank you, you have been excellent. it is 2016, as a friend here says, we enter the sweet 16 this year .. sweet ’16 going on ’17, should be some year this one.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› And what better way to start a new year than on a friday.. we enter in a mood to relax through the weekend .. πŸ™‚

Connecting the friday, the weekend fun, and the day on which the box office opens., I was thinking is it a sign to start talking about films for the next 30 days? one doesn’t know.. do you, I don’t .. may know.. may not know.. i’m thinking..

have an excellent beginning folks.. blogging and otherwise… (as somebody wished me last night, .. )

And with this, the blogathon 2016 begins..Β 

Here is the synopsis from wikipedia

Vaikundam Soorya Narayana Iyer (Mammootty), a business executive, leads a normal family life along with Veni (Geetha), his wife and his mother (Sukumari). After falling from a tree while trying to capture an escaped pet parrot, Iyer undergoes (fear of heights) giving him the power of clairvoyance. A couple of days later, he foresees a train accident with precise train number, and time of incident. He warns the railway authorities. But failing to take his warning into account, an accident takes place killing more than a hundred passengers. A couple of days later, Iyer foresees an airplane accident and informs the authorities about a future bombing on a flight in Delhi. Aided by the information, the disaster is prevented, causing Iyer to hit the headlines. He gets an insight about steroids added to a particular brand of baby food by Gabrias Group. Iyer contacts Amala, a news reporter who does an expose, destroying the business empire of Gabrias. Gabria (Devan) vows vengeance on Iyer and plants a bomb in his car, killing Iyer’s entire family. In retaliation Iyer kills Gabrias, but is shot and admitted to hospital. At hospital, he predicts the setting of the sun early at 3 pm on Thursday. But Amala realizes that Iyer had just predicted his own death. The police impose tight security; however a terrorist group successfully enters the hospital shooting Iyer down.




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