1 more day & it is 2016


This year, in 2015,  began with my tryst with a pigeon, a mud pot and two eggs. And as they say, what happens on the first month 😛 of new year repeats the entire year.. It has been pigeons wherever I have gone..

I caught this one on a branch of a mango tree beside my window, as luck would have it, the windows had tinted glass. I stood there watching it, stunned the delivery boy who had come to deliver the food as I was standing on the bed looking out of window with a camera (I had left the door open, as I did not want to be interrupted) I asked the curious man to climb on to the chair and take look. (He had to wipe all his foot prints later, he even changed that chair.. )

Ending this year with a pigeon pic, the one fellow who walks up and down, trying to sneak in the moment it gets a chance.


This, the pigeons was indeed a start of something new for me, this year.. Now think of something that repeated in yours.. spill the new year beans.. all ears, here. (I was making that up, about the what happens on new year.. I happened to in cities surrounded by pigeons ;)) Now think and spill, or make connections..


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4 thoughts on “1 more day & it is 2016”

  1. For anybody who lives in buildings, a daily tryst with pigeons is a common factor. They perch on the balcony rails, move round and round doing gutur-goos on the floor and amidst these events leave their marks of shitty blots all over making it a difficult job for the house help to clean it properly which she can if not for her time (mis) management. I finally gave the job of shooing away pigeons to my in-house ‘scare(crow) pigeon’ and he does his work very efficiently. I too have 2 pigeon eggs in one of empty flower pots and a distraught Dhruv because the mother pigeon does not fly away.

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    1. agree.. anybody who lives in building . the pigeons is of a constant company. So the ones that visit my home have made a deal among themselves.. they will only dirty one balcony a week.. so the other balconies are safe.. 🙂 I took the mud pot inside when a couple was getting cosy on it.. 🙂

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