I was surprised to see one of my own e-cards as a Christmas greeting over whatsapp in two large groups I am part of. (They were posted by people I had no clue about… ) I take it as a compliment that people found those e-cards I made beautiful enough to pass them on and share (thoughtful or not). However, whoever passed it on did not realize it was signed and for them alone (sad face). [fast paced as we are today, most of us rarely stop to read or listen.. ]

On a happy note, waking up to my own creation as a greeting to me was something. Stranger things have occurred but I was happily surprised 🙂 😛 [it seems almost like somebody buys a cake from me, gifts it to somebody else and then that somebody else give a slice to me when I visit their home!]

I’m delighted : Two friends of mine on seeing the cards I sent them asked me if I could make cards for them for new year on a larger scale! Unfortunately, I can’t that up at the moment because I am swarmed with work! (which is an excuse I don’t like to say at all, but I am) so they will have to wait for another time. November -December-January are the busiest months of my work year, every year for the last few years.

These people are my close friends so they understand… But they have given me a thought to think about, two alternative career options in the offing in case I am bored of the present one I am in 😀 Last year this time I was baking a dozen or more cakes for my mother for her Christmas party. This year has been making cards and customizing it my way. I wonder what I’ll be up to next year this time.. time will tell.

Plus, I made those cards out of a kind of affection for a few people I have known for a while, that affection unfortunately is not for sale at the moment 😉 😉


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14 thoughts on “Musings..”

  1. Loved the last few lines .. emotion is never on sale.. ☺☺

    Whatsapp is funny ..I am in a couple of groups but in one group I feel people don’t read they just forward what they see..without realising..

    So then what have you planned for new years ☺☺☺☺☺

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    1. more that the acknowledgement part, I am irritated that it was passed on.. without noticing that it was personalized. Next time I do this kind of a thing, I’m going to address the person too :p but seriously!! either people thing that personalization has gone to the dogs! or they are too wrapped up in themselves that they don’t care to read.. but just pass on

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  2. After reading this post, I went back to the photo of the card you sent me in your mail wishing me Happy holidays 🙂 , zoomed it to see your handwritten wishes clearly. Now I see the pink and blue colour connection. You are an interesting person who is into more interesting things. I am glad you connected with me.

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