Monday December Musings!

A year end..  and like always I feel it rushed in to bring in the end of 2015. I enjoyed this year and relished all its posts, I never thought I would write so much here, but I did. I wrote, I hopped, I commented and I wrote again.. it has been a productive year in writing blog posts, and I’m very happy about it.

A quick round up then, 2015 began with a blogging marathon challenge, (for the 2016 edition click here or see Vidhya’s comments on this post) my first which I completed without any hassles. I was surprised I had so many things to churn out and stories to share! I don’t usually complete things which I begin, I get bored mid way because of all the over enthusiasm I show and do in the beginning.. Just like I may not make anymore cards in a few months because I have made so many this past few weeks! But this was different.. This way the year began on a note of determination to write 31 posts, know more blogs, read more bloggers and i did, I did I did… and through that challenge, I met Vidhya

I loved writing out my experiences with strangers on my travelling days under the category of Hello Stranger.

The category window chronicles took a new turn with specific attention to pigeons, all courtesy that pigeon who found my mud pot outside the kitchen to lay and hatch its eggs in the beginning of the year. She, her eggs and her kids featured in a major way during the marathon month. If 2014 was all about bumping into squirrels and mynahs, this year round I bumped  into pigeons wherever I went, pigeons of all colours and temperaments…. I was even able to capture some candid pigeon pics and I am very very happy. The pigeon takes second place on the podium next to the squirrel now like I have a folder on my system marked “just pigeons.”

The moon makes an appearance in many posts, again as part of window chronicles.. where I was fortunate to be in the right places and time to watch the moon rise on many consecutive days in its waning and waxing stages. I also watched the moon set on a few occasions, the bliss of it all..

I think the post category that lagged behind were those on books, very few book reviews this year, though I read close to 80 books. Making a note of the pending book reviews to be done next year. A colleague of mine has started a book blog.. you need to hop on there..

There have been a lot of film talk on this blog this year.. but not all the films I watched were reviewed. During this last month I had this conversation over comments with Tenny at his and mine, and it was fun.. For the film talk, I made it a point that I will review only the films I feel (feelings could be of irritation or of love and admiration) about at least for a week. So, the handful of film reviews I did this year were written on those lines, I think most of them have been Malayalam films, somehow, I happened to watch a lot of Malayalam films this year, I think I have watched almost all that’s been released! almost.. is the word not all 😛

And I met my blog friends again.. spent time, exchanged thoughts, took pictures.. indulged more so in food photography.. as in it is only these folks who actually understand even while hungry about that ocd to take pictures. many pictures, many many many pictures.. hahaaha.. Such fun we have had. It has also been a year of reunions. Met my girl gang more than a couple of times.. we have become closer than we were in those years in college..

So next year, I don’t make resolutions.. but I’ll try to stick to at least 52 books 52 films, 52 new handmade projects, 52 blog posts. I’ve written over 130 posts this year! wohoooo! I’m feel like painting to take up the canvas and splash colours..

Waiting for it to snow here in Bombay.. winter! it is full swing .. brrr brr cold .. drink cold water and a chill runs down my entire body and go shivvvvvvvvvver gitttttttter.


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