Christmas’15 Sights & Sounds

The city streets, the restaurants, offices and homes have been decked up for Christmas. Almost everyone has a Christmas tree up, a few even have a crib… the carol singing is delightful, the acoustics of the old churches is simply mind blowing.. the different kinds of baubles that hang from the ceiling, the little line of stockings and santa heads that adorn the walls and chairs

Some of the few sights n sounds I came across and captured over the last week at different places, in the company of different people..

Hungry tummies to Christmas lunch now 🙂 It is the season to be jolly …


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

6 thoughts on “Christmas’15 Sights & Sounds”

    1. Vinay, I did send some of them as christmas greetings this year round.. to add to that personal touch.. take picture, edit it into a postcard and customize to the user.. Left nice at the end of the week sending 🙂 I have put on a random sorting on the pictures, but I think you are referring to the portrait where there is a Christmas tree. That was taken at one of the oldest cathedrals in Bombay.. the church itself is a beauty..


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