Friday fotos on a Saturday: TGIF

Just because the place is named as such, it does not mean that it remains closed on the other days, and we are not supposed to go in there, does it? As the tagline says, it is always fridays inside here, or once you step in here, like fridays have that charm of the weekend.. the only trouble is I don’t follow the normal weekday/weekend pattern of work, for me I can take off in the middle of a week and say it is the weekend and work hard on a Saturday and Sunday and say it is a weekday! But I know majority of you follow the route..

.. I’ve always enjoyed going to TGIF and this time round it was just circumstance that we were there, were hungry and we were standing right in front of it, so we walked in. Plus, we had plans for a movie in the mall a little after. To save time, it is always better to eat in one of the restaurants at the mall so that it is a peaceful walk or a lift ride up to the screens instead of a rush, although a rush and dash has its own excitement 😀 Done that many times, but I would love to watch a film from the moment the certificate comes on, and not from five or 10 minutes after. What about you? I would like to be comfortably settled in my seat before a movie begins..

Oh! the movie name, you ask? Creed. And nostalgia walks in. Movies should be this way, where it does not stop where it says it ends, it should give the audience something to move out with after. And I’m pretty sure that most of the audience who have watched Creed would go back home and sit for a back to back rerun of the Rocky films.

Here’s the food .. if you thought I wasn’t going to post pictures. New phone, and these are the first set of food pictures with it.

One of the them is a vegetarian platter, although I would say they should remain it cheesy platter or may be A Cheese Overload because all of it was about just cheese… cheese dribbled and stretched out of every item on that platter. And the other is, of course, pork ribs! Two of my friends are on a vegetarian diet this month, so they peeped into the vegetarian part of the menu. Although, I have nothing against ordering food in that section, some of the people I hang out with who have been born non – vegetarians and not acquired the taste later on in life from boarding schools and hostel life in colleges or when they left home for work, for them ordering dal, for instance, at a restaurant is a pain! But there are some vegetarian restaurants which serve amazing Dal, I would say. One of them is in this mall, we were in.. but this week night was not for dal as such especially when there was a chill in the air, a long day at work was successfully completed, after being part of an audience at a splendid dance recital by friends at the dance school and a movie on the cards later.

Worth your wallet, the food and the ambiance! Step in any time to TGIF. And the film, is recommended.

*the we – happen to roam around with a group! so the ‘we’


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