Paper, pen and MS Word..

And a friend and I made more cards this evening on a spur of the moment thought.

Ingredients: One side printed paper, a few rolls of coloured and double side tapes, a few stickers, some sequences all rolled in with a dollop of imagination became all these cards in a matter of half an hour.

I have been thinking of sending handmade cards to people this year, for a few days now.. but it only while making these cards I realizedΒ I need to ask these people for their postal address.

All I have listed of most of them against their names are their phone numbers and online accounts. The physical address and their physical location has shrunk into the name of the city they reside in.. or a part of the city, wherever I am familiar with a city.

I was in an airport shop the other week and found this lovely address book based on a theme of Tintin. I almost bought it thinking of gifting it to my brother who is a big fan of Tintin comics, but then I stopped short, because I knew it will lie there with no names going to go in it any time.. ! The book won’t be used as an address book, although it will be cherished as a gift from the sis. The woman at the billing counter, when I asked her take on why people buy it, she said, “people buy these, but I think, more for the sake of paraphernalia than actual use for the address book. Who needs addresses these days!”

Everything around, at least for a majority of us, has become paperless.. it is fashionable too πŸ˜› .. policy documents, letters of reference, books, newspapers, we write online, we send letters online, our admissions are online, recipes are online, our markets are online … Β we chat to each other online, we gather information online.. we react online.. I sometimes wonder why I pay a rental for talktime!

However, isn’t there still so much to the paper and the pen and the handmade .. like when I need to get something sorted out in my head, I do it with the paper and pen and drawing flowcharts most of the time, even though I prefer thinking and typing directly into a word page. I find proof reading easier on paper than scrolling up and down a page on the laptop. I need to make that phone call to a lot of my friends and talk for hours together and I have enough experience to tell you that each provider has a cut off time. (most of them cut the call on the dot of an hour, a few after two hours).. I love to be surrounded by books, and my room is proof where most of it is all books to the extent that I can use them to make make-shift tables or chairs or footstools if I want to…. πŸ™‚

But the boundaries have blurred..

The two of us have made many cards this year for our friends’ birthdays .. and they have been delighted to receive them. The joy of receiving a handmade card, immediately translates into the time, effort and thought that went into making it. Suddenly all things online become very superficial which is not true because, there is an equal amount of time and effort in making cards with any software, even while choosing them from a list on any of the card providers.. or making videos, or a collage or recording and mixing songs!

I think a card may bring back a spec of nostalgia, and then there is that element of tangibility to it. What is the feeling you get when you receive one today..

We made it for the pure love of making it. We love to use our hands.. and do these paper crafts often…


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24 thoughts on “Paper, pen and MS Word..”

    1. I agree. I remember how exciting it was to send each other e-cards when we were introduced to the world of internet. Even that has become history now.
      Nothing can replace a real card with real feelings. πŸ™‚

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        1. Agree with both of you there.. there is something that rides on these cards.. the feeling of receiving one, and then preserving it, and then finding it later .. some kind of interpersonal magic.. like both of you said.. a real thing πŸ™‚ Thank you Alok and Varsha for the comments.

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  1. Oh now you have stirred up the pent up emotions inside me. I love everything about papers. Paperback, notepads, diary. . Those gifts are so colourful and soulful. Its like they mean something. Great venture from your part! Lucky are your friends πŸ™‚

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    1. Glad to know you too like everything with paper.. my loves too.. so since I have stirred up the love.. go ahead make something and share the post.. πŸ™‚ btw, choose a card and I will post it your way .. πŸ™‚ let that be a beginning

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      1. Oh, that is really sweet. You know, I used to post cards to my friends during the xmas holidays when I was in school. So sad that so many of such good habits come to a halt as time passes.
        p.s: I would love any of those beautifully crafted cards. But you should let me send one to you as well. May be not a hand made one, but yes, definitely a card:)

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  2. Wow…lovely cards Pinsy! Btw… I have made a mental note to send you my physical address….although meeting you would be so much better!
    Too bad my birthday has gone… 😦 😦

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  3. When my 4 year old niece makes greeting cards with paper and sketch pens, I am reminded of how nice that feeling is! Totally agree with you on this. We need to go back to paper and pencils!

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  4. Actual cards you can touch are so much nicer than online greetings. I agree with you. I haven’t cracked the address problem though and I was hoping you would shed some light on how you asked people for their addresses. Great post – glad to be here.

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