it is almost like I am drowning in sleep.. Sleep is sitting on the lids and corners of my eyes.. and on my cheeks.. sleep has almost taken over my fingers as I type, but still I resist sleep for a few more minutes, to put that thought down, so that when I wake up tomorrow, it is there for me to remember, make connections and continue work with..

It is strange that ideas come when sleep is about to begin, and when I am in no mood to take out a pen or open my laptop, I dodge sleep to record the thought on the phone….and then succumb to drown in sleep!  🙂




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24 thoughts on “Ssssleeeeeeppp”

    1. Brilliant idea. Next time. BTW, biks that post on intolerance was spot on.. I really feel public should be more responsible, remember the past events, connect them and then make a decision rather than just follow a group for aroused reasons.. short lived memory is a bane!


        1. oh! keep your phone nearby or a recorder.. try it out and tell me, these days when I am too lazy to write or type, I record and works wonders.. the emotions, doubts all rolls in when I hear it the next time too about an idea 🙂

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  1. Hey! I remember coming to your blog many years back! Suddenly stumbled on it today. Glad to know you still write! 🙂
    Adding you on my Reader so I can follow your posts! 🙂

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  2. With a toddler who has the fierce ability to wake up when the pin drops, voice recording is out of question for me 🙂
    But I do ‘try’ and hit the keypad on the mobile, hehe.

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  3. Our brains are the most creative when we are on the threshold of slumber…very true indeed..
    In a lighter vein..
    One novel idea that Tom gave to us is to keep a toothpick or a matchstick between the eyelids to keep them from.closing…:-)

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