Morning (Pink & Blue) Musings

The transformation was drastic from pink to blue.., from an active lively to a sober and calm, from a restlessness to a matured room. With the coming of the blue shade came in the work atmosphere.. serious, silent and quiet. But the pink part of me always brings in the giggles even in midst of the seriousness, can’t help but being me! I redefined my blue..yay! Two sides of me, but the pink rules.. and blue comes out whenever necessary!

I walk into my room this morning and the room on its part has turned a shade of pink. I stepped in to find that even I had turned into the same shade in the light of the room.. but then I had to cut off the sun’s rays from the window to keep the room from getting warmer as the day progressed. Once the curtains were drawn the room turned a shade of blue.. 🙂

The room had turned pink as the sun’s rays were reflecting off a pink top of mine hanging near the wardrobe mirror. It turned blue from the rays on the colour of curtains.

And then, I thought I should make a list of all things a shade of pink in my room, at least in visible sight. It became a longer list that I had anticipated.. little things from the colour of the stapler to the highlighter pen to the post-it notes, to the colour of the earring bag, to the caps of some of my lotions to the spines of two of my books I took out to read this morning, pink at the moment ruled my room.

Shades of pink is one of my favorite colours to wear, it also forms part of my name, therefore part of the name of the blog.. now you know where the pins in pins and ashes comes from 🙂 What’s in a name somebody asked long time ago, but I would say a lot rides on it.. it shapes us with its meaning, but in turn we reshape it with our uniqueness. My name, is my own unique pink 🙂

Strange as it sounds, when we look for something, then everything seems to be that, like the world turns pink for me today when the curtains are drawn apart.. it turns blue when they are drawn.

How the world inside my room differs with that single act of covering the sun. The same curtains, the same sun, the same room, but like a pair of tinted lens, they change the air inside it, I feel. To turn this into a serious thought, it is better to have two perspectives and two tinted pairs of lenses than one, anytime.. the good part of having just one is, it makes us happy.. it is bad because there are always other lenses with which we can look at something with.. although it seems very comforting to look at the world with one set of lens it almost always creates a biased view of the world of things. thumb rule then, if not two, at least four to get the whole picture.. 🙂

ps: it is only after I re-read the title, I realized that oh! I was talking about the colours, pink and blue.. the oft spoken, bought colour codes! whatever! bah!


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16 thoughts on “Morning (Pink & Blue) Musings”

    1. two or more ways get the whole picture is what I was getting at. I do, too, believe in first instincts.. they have worked for me big time.. even when people have changed and the first instinct is, they have.. but then you ask them about it, they deny 🙂


    1. That’s good to know 🙂 parts of blue taking over, and hiding the pink. I think only our closest and closer people will know our pinks and blues, for the rest of the world we may be just one of the two what we show to them.. or among them there should be people who notice beyond what is. what do you think Maliny (an extended thought that came out following your comment)


    1. You’re a sagi.. is your birthday over or is it coming soon.. that happens to me as well, I don’t intentionally pick a colour, but in a given period of time, I may have every top of the same shade for some odd reason.. weird no! very!

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    1. Hey Anamika … True that about the ‘n’ number of perspectives, it can be rather confusing I must say. [But given my line of work, a problem/thought has to be attacked from all angles! and post modernism what we have nicknamed as pomo just opens the pandora’s box… creating infinite possibilities.] the many ways in which a blog post is born is an amazing thought.. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, btw, I was recounting your name story blog post to my friends today, and we had a ball.. because they added on to that story with their own experiences.. like sthalapurana, we had a round of name-puranama sort of .

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        1. Being a Malayalee, one of the jokes that is forwarded among us, is about how a few Malayalees name their children. A name such as, Mosi, oh ya people have names like that in the state I come from, is a combination of Mo from Molly and Si from Simon, Molly and Simon are the parents. In a same vein, Neeba is from Neeta + Baby. So, imagine the fun we can have on names.. molly and simon can yield Only, Momon, Momo, Molon.. or simo, sillo.. 😛

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          1. Hahahahaha….People in Kerala seem to take addition and subtraction very seriously while naming their children. This way they are also being intelligent – “now derive, deduce or induce whatever meaning of names you want to prove any theory, you will not find since they don’t have any in the first place. So all the theories be put to peace.” Amen.

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