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Introducing my friend, the little koala bear, she sits in one of the boxes on the table.. But since morning she is a little glum! She is sitting with her back to me.. When I ask, she says she is waiting for gifts from a Mr. Claus.

I was telling her the gifts may not be ready yet in the Santa Factory! Rudolf, the reindeer is still grazing somewhere in the hills.. but she still stays glum! So, to turn her mood over.. I play her one of my favourite songs of the season.. the many versions..


And look who has turned around and seems to be back to chirpy and cheerful 🙂

Deck the Halls has that ring to it.. it is festive, it is lively.. easy to pick  up lyrics to sing along.. if not the lyrics, the falalalalal part makes it easier to join in the chorus.. It can be sung in different speeds.. to increase the momentum and reach a peak, repeated many times over….. and what not can be done with this one song.. brings in the Christmas season right through the front door..

Below, are three versions of the same carol I picked up from youtube.. one is a flash mob.. the second is from Julie Andrews.. and the last one is from Nat King Cole.. Enjoy everyone..

Decking up the halls …and spreading cheer … and listening to christmas songs and practicing our carols .. humming it all along..

12th december today.. 12 more days to Christmas..


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