Pockets of information – Dengue: Home Remedies

I’m reminded of a time last year around this time when a group of us were looking for papaya trees to pluck papaya leaves for a friend who was hospitalized with dengue.

The tender leaves of a papaya ground into a juice with minimal water is said to increase the blood platelet count and therefore speedy recovery. It is a home remedy which a nurse at the hospital had tipped us off with, and off we came to campus to find papaya trees. A friend and I boarded a campus bus, a bus with a route that covers most of the campus to begin the search, and to our surprise every fourth tree was a papaya tree. During those two weeks more than a few friends went down with dengue, and we were seen collecting papaya leaves.. or by then we had become people to call for information on the location of papaya trees on campus and dengue home remedy.

Dragon fruit and kiwi fruit are also helpful.

But what cracked us up is a mail from our in-house health department, it said, beware of theย mosquito with white and black stripes that bite you during the day ๐Ÿ˜› how certain information gets stored in the pockets of our brain. All this goes into the pocket under dengue!





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