Monday Musings

There was a picture of the gate of a house somewhere in Adayar (a resident’s first hand experience during these 5 days of floods) posted on FB yesterday where the gate was seen almost submerged in water. Just picture the scene. the water level had risen that high!!

To have an estimation, I wondered how it would be if there was water as high as the gate of my house.. It is a scary thought because then everything on the ground floor will be under water, furniture, clothes, electronic goods, everything, and floating. If we were inside the house, we would have had to swim to reach the different rooms..! Like in that film Titanic.. when water started filling the parts of the lower decks and their heads hit the ceiling! Added to that the water is dirty, mixed with the sewage, drainage water, all kinds of dirt!

What a mess to start with. People would have slogged to make those houses, buy those furniture and vehicles, and would have tastefully decorated their homes to begin with, and one continuous lash of nature, it could be rains, it could be fire, it could be winds.. and every thing they worked for, or most people work for seems to become irrelevant! #Lessons for life.


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