The Chennai Spirit!

A few weeks ago a close of friend of mine in one of the whatspp groups lamented about the non rains in Madras. She was irritated that it was raining incessantly over the weekend, the roads were flooded and she had to wade through this dirty water to reach office that too on her bike! We all listened to her, saw the pictures she posted, it was atrocious, to say the least. We all hoped the rains stopped, the water receded, we searched online for precautions to be taken under such circumstances and passed it on to her and we did what we could, we put in our prayers and send her all our support. In a week’s time, it was like our prayers were answered. the water did go back, she was back in her house. But the house was in a mess with fungus and drenched mattresses and water clogged electronic goods. Since it is a close knit group, we all received up to date pictures of extent of the damage. Two days of cleaning all that fungus and ventilating the house from that rotten damp smell, it started to rain all over again. And it never seemed stopped. The floods that affected her part of the city spread to other parts as well and it became one of the worst times Madras has faced in terms of a calamity. Along with her family she moved back to her relative’s house.

I’ve always been a lover of rains but this time round I quarrel with you the rain gods for pouring non stop and creating harm in Madras. A blogfriend on FB put up a status during the initial weeks saying, “I am no longer jealous of all you people who are blissfully enjoying the rains, its chai and pokaras. I have had enough of these non stop showers. Please don’t send anymore showers our way to Madras.” And it kept on raining unknown as it were to the national media. It was as if the country was at peace when an entire city was fighting to keep water out of its houses and roads. Finally, the airport was shut down and that caused the realization and the stir. The media began to notice, the army intervened.

But in all this while, like another friend says, all of chennai like the film idols many of them are die hard fans of have turned into mini superstars. It is heartening to notice the help that has flowed in between people who are stuck in the same floods and same situation.. great going Madras great going. I’m very proud of all you.

Sitting outside madras in another part of the country becomes a very difficult position to be in. It is now not a matter of just friends who are residents of the city trapped in these waters and power outage but everyone who is in this dire situation. Sitting far away I can only hope and pray all of you are safe and lend you support. With you in spirit Madras!


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