Wednesday #WindowChronicles – the feline

If it was the pigeon the other day at the balcony, it is the cat here, walking the length of the wall. The thing about the cat is that, looking at it pass by from the corner of the eye, it seems very similar to its bigger cousins the lions and the tigers, the leopards and the jaguars. When it walks slowly across that wall, in its own majestic kind of way, the movement of the different muscles at play in that walking movement is also visible and similar to its cousins! The cat knows is all I can say!

The cat has been walking the wall since the time I have been sitting here by the window at the table with my work… and I can see it walk, its muscles move as its legs make the forward strides… and then I happen to click it later on another part of the wall, as in the picture, standing still, about to jump to one of the sides of that wall or may be to a sun shade above.

Except for the cats, I have had the company of almost every other animal as pet.. when I say every other, the spectrum includes an animal allowed within the rules to be reared as a pet. I would love to have a lion for a pet and have the lion run to me when I go visit him in the jungle like in that youtube video 🙂

But why go that far, I’ve had a similar experience with my parakeet. Once, the little bird fell through the hole of its cage and flew away. She was trying to come to me, but the speed with which she flew into me made me duck, and she flew out of the door into the open. Of course, we were worried, a domesticated bird is in danger when let out, one because she does not know the rules of the air, two, the crows become its enemy trying to peck at it and kill it for they seem to sense the human touch.

She seemed obviously worried as she being a parakeet, by nature, could not find directions back home. These parrots and parakeets are known to be poor in their sense of direction. So she did what she knew best, she sat on a high branch of a tall tree and started to call out our names. When we went as a search party to get her back, we used to follow her calls.

I was in class 10 that year. We created a mission – a bring her back search party. As part of that we also went around telling other residents to keep some water and rice on the window and balcony sills so that if she is hungry she can come and eat because she was fed from the beginning, she did not know how to hunt! (But people say, she’ll learn once she is out in the open, but she is ours, our little puff green ball)

Two days like this, she was finally saved from the crows pecking at her in a house not so far away. She had swooped down to drink water and eat the rice. But the crows were after her too, the family saved her from the crows. I happened to walk by that house that day on my rounds and noticed they had a new parakeet. When I approached the owner woman with photographs of my parakeet along with my younger brother, she told us how this little bird is an angry stubborn one, she is not eating, nor drinking, all it does it puff up its plumes and peck everybody who tries to help. They had kept it because their little girl loved it.

But, when the light near the cage was switched on and I walked towards it, that little green puff ball huddled on the other side of her new cage angry, seeing me shrunk her puffiness, ran to my side and started making her familiar sounds. The excitement and joy was mutual. We were so relieved to see her alive, unharmed apart from a few pecks here and there, active.. she seemed relieved in seeing us. We took her home and for two-three days she refused to sleep alone, and went on in her bird speech about her adventures.

My little darling puff ball is not with us anymore, but she is somewhere safe, because new stricter rules have come out where birds other than pigeons cannot be kept as pets! It is an un-bailable offence it seems under the court of law!  But it feels odd to walk into a home and not have their sounds for welcome! She has been with us for nearly 15 years! My kid sister she was, who was as happy to see me when returned home and welcomed me with her calls even before I opened the gates.

We have had cats give birth inside our home.. many times over. But once the green puffed balls were adopted, the cats had to stay out and remain on the walls, walking its length slowly peeping into the home..


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday #WindowChronicles – the feline”

    1. I am not a fan of cats either! I find them very sly and selfish for some reason. But I have bred cats too once upon a time before we had the birds! It is good to know that you too grew up with pets, I think it is a good practice to gift pets to children, it is a mechanism wherein they will internalize sharing and caring and looking after another in addition to having a friend.


      1. My first pet was a dog, when I was one.. my parents had gifted me with a friend. They repeated the same when my brother was born, he too when he turned one was gifted a dog. Beauty and I grew up together until she was 16 and passed away!


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