Strangers on the go!

I promised a story, so here goes ..the story has its roots in my earlier post on my connection with strangers and the weird things that happen to me at the airport. This time round the plot thickens and deepens as it is staged in foreign lands. The real plot began with a mail I received at 11 am one morning at the airport I had a layover at.. it was a reply to my complaint from a representative of the lost and found department of an international airport I had exited a few hours before!

I have been travelling quite a lot these past two years, and during one such trip, my laptop.. (my most precious possession as of now because it becomes the main repository of my work) went missing at the conveyor belt at the security check gate of an international airport.. soon after it was scanned! To say, I was devastated would be an understatement. I became paralysed in my head, my nerves went numb, and in one of those moments I was glad my dad called, and I remember telling him, “Dada, my laptop is gone dada, my work is gone.” To which he said, “We’ll find a solution.” And that call, I guess unnumbed me, and I was back, body upright, nerves warmed up, paralysis gone, brains sharpened … determined to do in one hour everything possible to retrieve my unsaved work and the laptop. In an age of the cloud and other backup settings, the unsaved offline work remains unsaved and I had the daunting task of reinventing it.. phew!

During the entire night flight i sat with a pen and book trying to make an inventory of files and work, unsaved. And decided that the momemt I land, I needed to buy a notebook to write down as much as I could remember of the recent work I had done in it while I was on the move, also made a mental note of saving religiously to the hard disc every day in case of being offline for long!

Of course, the first thoughts were that somebody stole the laptop. But then, why mine! There were 10s of them being scanned in that conveyor belt. I hoped whoever took it if by mistake peeped into their bags and came back to return. Nothing of that sort happened immediately in that 1 hour. But what did happen was, a bunch of airport personnel, for whom such an incident was routine! The coutdown to boarding was 1 hour. Like in macbeth, they washed their hands off it cleanly.. but it was me they were dealing with, and I had lost my work…(laptops can be bought, work had to be created again) the fightercock in me was wide awake. Like when I related it later to friends later, they said, “you dont need to say you fought, we know you will, thank god, the airport folks have their noses intact”

Of course, I have a reputation of being hands on in a fight, esp if it is unfair and if it involves my precious people and things 😀 which makes the corollary, true as well.

To be continued..

Ps. Dos at the airport – be calm, check whether you have taken your laptop and not others, in some cases, check again, whether you havent forgotten to take your laptop from the belt. It so happened once, we were in the shuttle bus to the plane, when the airport guard climbed in with a laptop and went directly to a passenger. Mr. A, I hope you have your laptop. Mr. A cluelss he hadnt picked it up after the scan found his bag was unusally 1.5 kg lighter! He looked up at the smiling guard with relief.












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