Monday moons and moon tales

I spotted her between the clouds as I walked back to the room.. speckled clouds coloured by the light of the moon in a backdrop of a dark navy blue sky..  the light was like in that saying, every cloud had a silver lining,

just imagine this .. about 77 odd baby clouds in the shape of speech bubbles (like in comics) covering an almost full moon like a bubble blanket. But, the moon shines extra bright giving a backlight to each little translucent cloud. And, the best part is, the entire bubble blanket with the moon was moving slowly ..

I was walking back to the room.. my camera in the room and the phone on near low battery after work, I looked up and savoured the scene .. hope i have done justice and you all can close your eyes and put all the description together to build the scene in your heads.




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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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