Strangers in the city#234

Strangers and I, when we meet on the road, are a good mix. Like this woman I met this afternoon, I was in her city and asked her directions to a place I was heading to. She saw it and told me immediately,”I’ll take you there. It is near to where I stay.” And we got down from the tram, crossed the road, she even told me where to catch the tram if I am heading out later. As we walked, she showed me a few places around, briefed me of their little histories. A section of the road was under construction, we carefully walked passed it. And at a point my navigation stopped working, she switched on hers. We treaded along the footpath a little further to where I had to reach. We exchanged names, pleasantaries, never took down a phone number. Strangers in a city .. especially when, her co-travellers warned her not to talk to me as such in their language which I understood .. but she did.

It could be what goes around comes around. Whenever I needed help, I had people to help me, sometimes even before I asked for it. Like earlier in the day, when the chauffer of the other passenger, told me, looking at my tix in the lift “that’s your train coming .. get in.. :)” and like that I did, no questions asked, no doubts in mind.. and I landed at a station an hour later to meet another stranger who dropped me till my building. Her home was two streets away.. such gestures makes me feel welcome … such people should be recognized and honoured for they keep the name of their city and town alive, lovingly in people like me.

Ps. The featuree pic: i think it is almost like that line from the malayalam film, vandanam, wherever I go, you are there, gadha jam.. in my case it is the pigeon.. found all three shades, black, grey and white wanderimg the station floors like it is their terrain.





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