And I sit musing

over my sweat glands! You heard me right, there are days when I feel I will do a surgery to remove all of mine and go sweatless! The freedom it will give to my body of excess water dripping, the patchy armpits, the longevity of my clothes.. but then I soon revert to it keeps me hydrated, cool and always fresh and my pores clean!. May be, just may be, I was born to live in ice or in water.. like the fish .. oh! oh! i love to be in water, to dive deep, breathe under and stay there.. and I realized I am very comfortable when the temperature drops to 2, wow! waiting for the snow! Once that is also done, I’ll know where to move to next!

Life has just begun, the weather is changing who knows when it will drop to -1 in bby soon and hyderabad may see snow!

As for now, both are under the scorching gaze of the sun where clouds absorb water and makes all the atmosphere sweat..

you know, it rained today after days here in bby. We were wondering whether to call the rains to a meeting to ask what problem they had with us, raining everywhere but not here!!!. I know, madras and bangalore will say, rains stay in bby! We need to dry our homes, especially madras .. the over grown moss .. the dampness, the wet books and mattresses. Sweat glands you too, stay where you are 🙂 until I change my mind that is! What if you were like the appendix, a vestigial?



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