? a lot on the plate.

I got off the bus, and there was nobody there. I still got off, and sat down at the  bus stop bench, thinking of what to do next. When there is a lot on the plate literally like the assorted food arranged on a buffet set up for a meal, i feel overwhelmed, many times. Making a food choice is also a decision and the buffet table does not help either because it (as in the table) and the chef who has set it up, ideally wants us to taste most of them.

TASTE.. That’s the word.. a buffet is for tasting everything and not of eating everything because none of us can eat all of it at a given time. Therefore to choose something from this inventory of food  to eat is to make a decision like when is a lot on the plate, figuratively.

I dont like to merely taste, I usually want to eat, often especially when hungry. But at an icecream shop, I may just set myself out to taste all the flavours. BTW,   Haagen daaz has a yummy mango sorbet.. the pulp icecreamed in addition to a mango ice cream!! Yummmangopulicious is the term 🙂

That’s when he walked into the bus stop. May be i just left the need to talk, I looked at him and told him I need to go to this place. He understood. He called me towards him and helped me read the map behind him, stuck to the busstop wall.

I had made my decision by then. I knew where to go and what to do after taking the bus.. I decided on 2 places instead of walking out to all 15. That decision just required that 10 minutes to concentrate and think thru. He gave me that 10 minutes when he faced the map explaining to me the roads.

So, regarding the breakfast menu, I always go for sausages, an omlette, a muffin or two and wash it all down with a cup of coffee. Whatever changes the sausages remain.

Feature pic: one of my fav kind of breakfast

To have a lot on the Plate: busy, a lot to cope with

A lot on the plate 🙂











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One thought on “? a lot on the plate.”

  1. Oooh heavy breakfast. . But yummmy..

    With the rush rush of life I don’t get time to sit and relax and have breakfast..maybe I love my sleep more and tend to lay more..

    Now you made me hungry ..gotta go and have my coffee. .

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