November 17

Is my grandmother’s birthday. And I realized it a day late this year. My grandmother died in 2001. But ever since I can, that is after I was born, I  remember November 17 is marked in annual day calendar of all her children, grand children and great children.. and siblings. Mummy as she was fondly called even by her own mother, Mummy’s birthday was celebrated with great mirth by her children. All of us in the city used to get together at her place for dinner and celebrate her birthday.

It has been like 14 years since she has gone .. and when somebody is not visibly around people tend to forget. Look at my state, I who pride myself with a sharp memory forgot her birthday.. when I did have a nagging feeling yesterday that something was up and I could not place a finger on it. Well, better late than never, Happy Birthday to you Ammamma.. from all of us..


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pins & ashes

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