Snow Fantasy!

A Tuesday again … the air outside is chilly.. I just was about to write, chilly sweet! But that is how it feels.

Open the door and the chill walks  rushes in and rests on the tips of my nose and my fingers and make them go numb! How I wish I could see and touch snow! And feel a chilly air, one evening walking down that road in a trench coat, may be.. Well, take it as the fantasy of a someone born in the tropics, and lived in humid sultry summers all her life! I think my next destination has to be a place where at least it snows once a day in a year. You’ll tell, you’ll be fed up when the snow falls and incessantly falls, grows dirty and you skid, your car skids.. and the shovel needs to be taken out.. But on days like these, when the sun grows duller and the evening grows cooler.. I wish I could sit across a fire, a coffee by the side, a book in hand, or just let the book be on the table, bookmarked to a page.. and I am just looking out of my window counting the snowflakes..

You’ll wonder about the featured pic! The contrast of it all with the post… well yes, precisely to give me some warmth this chilly night, so that my numb fingers and tip of the nose unnumbs.. the picture was taken at BandStand, that was some night by the sea.

ps: what wordpress, I come to you after a week and you change the drafts page! finding my feet eh! finger trail and ways around the new dashboard.

ps2: I received more than a few emails about my post on “two friends.” Thank you very much for the mails, people. I did not know the post connected to so many of you, so much so that you would write an email about with your story. It was this happy me moment as well, I never knew so many people keenly read my blog.  I’ve just finished replying to all of you. Apologies for the late replies, I am caught up in a lot of work lately. Cheers to us. mwaahs


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10 thoughts on “Snow Fantasy!”

        1. True, very very true.. I miss those days of discussions we used to have in our comment sections! such wonderful conversations on a variety of topics all courtesy one of us blogged about it on a given day.. 🙂


  1. Loved that snapshot. Actually I have a lot of these snapshots in my head and as I live any one of them I find myself consciously enjoying the moment as a wish come true. A special mention to the ‘book lying with a bookmark’ :-D. Like that you like to have a book present even though you may not be reading it then. Kind of reassuring, isn’t it?

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    1. The book and the bookmarks are irreplaceable parts of my life.. I have them around, even if I am not reading one perse, I cannot walk out to somewhere without a book in my bad.. so by that token I also look out for bags starting with slings which can accommodate at least a book

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