The balcony company

The pigeons are back today, for once I am happy to hear them fluttering away in the balcony. For the last three days they were hiding away somewhere even during the day. The noise of the firecrackers would have rattled them too. There were a few pigeon feathers dropping off from mid air each time a cracker was sounded and the lights flashed.

I’m back to my perch, my chair and table facing the window with an open laptop, a mug of coffee  at a forearm’s touch away. And, and there is a pigeon outside in the balcony walking the entire length of the balcony grill. It walks the grill to one end and then walks back almost like a person walking with their hands folded behind their back in deeo thought, with a slight bend of the head foreward. Once done it jumps to the lower base wall ..  and walks the entire wall up and down, up and down, until it then flies up to the grill again. This pattern has been on for the last one hour… but in between, every now and then it looks inside and quietly tries to enter into the room. Occasionally, the jump to the base wall is a big jump towards the open part of the window. I have already shooed it away four times in the past one hour!

Next I will know is that it has walked into the room while I was immersed in writing this blog post and is walking the length and breadth of my room.. with that swing to its walk..a mattak, here a mattak there..! It is all fine with me to have them as company. But the problem is I think they have the Gajni syndrome.. they are victims of short term memory loss.. Since the room is not a regular part of their walking route, they forget the way they entered while immersed in their walk. So, they run helterskelter around the room when they have finished with their walking exercise.. to find the exit. In the meanwhile, I need to get up from my comfortable perch and switch off the fan in case they fly in their clautrophobia towards the moving fan.. I may also need to be cautious that they are also not scared of me….when I’m actually trying to help.

There it sits with its back to me.. there now, it has turned to face me its pink and green neck feathers glittering in the sun light. I do notice the peep here and the peep there, that sly eye movement looking into the opening in the window .. Walking the inside line of the curtains is there favourite hobby until they get trapped in the cloth and have no clue as to how not to suffocate and also bring the entire curtain rod down.

In the midst of the the world in helter skelter, with one more attack at Paris.. a pigeon trying to encroach is irrelevant!


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9 thoughts on “The balcony company”

    1. I had that pigeon in the photo for company on a different day from a different window and room. Since I was sittjng behind a wall of tinted glass, the pigeon never had a hint I was so close on the other side shooting its every move 🙂

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  1. Paris was sad indeed. I think targeting a city synonymous with love must have been some kind of a thrill for the perpetrators.

    As for pigeons – we’re not the best of friends. Our relationship soured after they laid eggs in my balcony and I discovered what careless parents they make.

    I’ve been away too long. Enjoying going through your posts.

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    1. Pigeons are smelly and irresponsible parents, Had a pigeon give birth two two little pigeon lets in my kitchen balcony in Jan this year, what should I say, I did not have the heart to throw the eggs away. But when a couple came in a second time recently looking for a place to lay eggs, I moved the mud pot .. 🙂 let’s say pigeons who come to play are my friends 🙂 not the preggy ones 😛

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