The Diwali Sweets

Last year after the dinner at 101 we decided to go for a film. A late night show. Farhah Khan’s Happy New Year was on so we went ahead. The screen was unusually fully booked for a late night show with adults and kids as small as 4-5 years old. And happy new year beingΒ Happy New Year made us cry for making that choice! We were centrally placed in the theatre flanked by people on all sides. So an alternate entertainment was looking at the reactions of the audience.

The man sitting next to me was nearly falling off his seat laughing, so were the people sitting in front of me. This made me wonder whether they and I were watching the same film. One never knows, the man next to me was wearing glasses, what if the glasses were made by Benjamin Franklin like in the movie National Treasure πŸ˜› was my immediate thought

This no entertainment business made all of us hungry. That’s when we remembered that the woman in the formal dress next to the prop/table lectern at 101 had given us a silver coloured sweet box, neatly tied with a ribbon. I think it happens in the company of friends, when one feels hungry like a yawn it passes on and everyone in that group feels hungry. We took out the box from our bags, unwrapped the ribbon, stripped off the cellotape to find.. a flower shaped sweet with pearls on it. In the darkness of the screen we thought that the fancy restaurant had made edible pearls to decorate this big diya lookalike kaju barfi!!!!!!!

Couldn’t help but laugh at our plight πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Those that looked like pretty little quarter kg sweet boxes had two decorated diyas as a diwali return gift with candles!

The diyanin the featured pic is a gift from a friend last diwali. I used it as the main diya to light my entrance πŸ™‚ looks almost like wood carved


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