Diwali/Deepavali again ..

Be happy, feel secure and blast away :)
Be happy, feel secure and blast away πŸ™‚

The picture is part of the decor of a nearby restaurant – 101. They started business a few days before diwali last year, we happened to be walking the streets enjoying the lights on the roads that day, our food luck, found itnby accident.. and ever since it has been a fav haunt to go back to.. πŸ™‚ .. the full review below..

Like I said, a group of us stepped into 101 by accident while aimlessly walking through Powai during day of Lakshmi pooja last year admiring the lightshow in the houses and streets. We happened to stop near Aromas to take a picture of the decoration of that building. There, like im a small hole of a space, near a lectern kind of prop/table stood a woman dressed formally who smiled at us and she wished us happy diwali, and told us about 101. It was a holiday night and all the restuaurants would have been full, so we grabbed the opportunity, asked for a table and went in. The place had just opened.

101 is on the first floor in the building where Aromas is, opposite DMart, if you know the HN geography at Powai. There is a flight of narrow stairs to the main entrance. We were food lucky that night is all I can say..

If you have been to 101, then we were seated at the corner round table towards the opposite side of the door. Their decor has a way of charming into some of our souls.. the colourful metal boxes, the kettles.. when I asked the butler did you shop for these at the Kala Ghoda festival he seemed offended! πŸ˜› I said it as a compliment but he took it as an offense and explained to me about their specially made interior design deco at some factory! Before he said that I was happy for once that somebody was taking the idea of reusing forward and bringing back noatalgic moments.

For instance, the cushion cover had a painting of a South Indian actor of the 70s.. As we sat waiting for our order, we racked our brains to remember her name.. as they say, her name was at the tip of our tongue, every connection related to her was put on the table – including the names of films, the songs she acted in, the chit fund business her husband runs but her name eluded us.. the name was playing hide and seek…but we were adamant not to use Google!

The pictures in the collage pose as a welcome sign. As you walk up the stairs to the first floor you are looking directly at the refurbished roadster as a wall piece. Look up to the ceiling and you remember those old bournvita/maltova bottles that hang from the roof acting as lamp shades. In the daylight, you’ll find the cycle is painted in many colours.

Their tag line says, Eat, Burp. Repeat. I have been to 101 with different sets of people on many occasions since then, and tried out many of their dishes in those lovely white plates adorned by colourful chilies on the side. Eat, burpp and repeat.

Happy food times everyone πŸ™‚


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