Thursday Photos – Chocolate

The Chocolate Dosa

Was a heavenly mix to somebody like me who loves dosas and chocolates 🙂 This was at this fusion restaurant, Cafe Bean Garu nearby. For more Thursday Pics hop on to Spun with Tears

It so happened last year this time when Bombay rained non stop, a friend and I were shopping for groceries at Haiko. It was raining, and there was no sign of the rains stopping. So, all we could do with our heavy shopping bags was to climb up to the first floor towards this open cafe.

Yes, you are so right, and we did order what often comes up as the perfect monsoon combination… the nostalgic chai and onion pakoras .. I always wonder from when this kind of a food tradition became a routine, which in turn becomes a source of travelling into a fond past….  well, all that set aside, the place gives a view of the road, and on a rainy day, a view of the rains dribbling down the glass windows that adorn the building..

It just gives you the second best nostalgic moment, a cup of coffee, a book, and rains outside the window effect.. it has a near ideal setting for that endless trip!! I am not a big fan of their fusion idlis and dosas., namely the chettinad varieties.. but what I do like are their sweet dosas..

It is an open space on first floor in the building where their is Haiko, Westside. and Out of the Blue.. You can drop in for a quick cup of coffee or tea.. to rest your hands and feet after shopping in haiko or westside.. The cafe is no longer in that space now.


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