I received some brilliant news today, brilliant news along with a certain happy anxiety. My first reaction was to call home. I think this spontaneous reaction defines a close relationship.

I could have called anybody on my not so small group of very close people I call my own, but I dialed home, first… Now, what will happen is I am so content about it, I may not even tell anybody else because the persons who needed to know, know and that’s that. The rest can know by and by!

Does this happen with you too.. So, the theory is, the first person I want to call to convey something of a personal achievement or loss is the person I exercise maximum freedom with, a person I consider my own.. This is partly because I have come to realize that just a handful of people (a handful, in this case is a really high number even if it is relatively smaller in quantity) are genuinely concerned about you/me. They are as irritated/angry/crazy/ecstatic/melancholic as you/I am for a given matter, so the thumb rule is recognize such people around us. It is strange that many times they may not be your best friends, they may just be a far removed friend’s friend reflecting the same feelings …

Any insights?

The featured pic: is a thank you card the Fresh Menu folks sent with my first order. Unlike many other thank you cards this one had a standard message with my name on it.


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11 thoughts on “Close-ness”

  1. I feel that way too..When i went through a worst part of my life, I realized that there are only a few people with whom you relate too or only a few people who understand you and know you for who you are.
    I agree with you, it might not be your closest friend that you go to…but someone who accepts you for who you are!!!


  2. you are right we do have a small number of people who we talk to everything.. I smile when people say they have so many friends because I find that silly , no one can have that many friends , Acquaintances yes .. not Friends there are only a few.. and LUCKY are the ones who have more than 5-6 friends ..

    SO what is the good newsssssssss 🙂 tell tell

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  3. I think we tend to share our joys/sorrows with people we are the closest to because we think we will be able to feel that joy/sorrow reciprocated in their eyes. Eyes can’t lie, can’t they?


  4. Only a few bc people will try to discourage you from experiencing life or will make you feel shitty when encouragement and support is needed. When someone goes through trying times they will find out who really loves them, very true.


  5. Reblogged this on pins & ashes and commented:

    It is not just moments of deep down sorrow that defines who sticks with you or not. That is true, but I think moments of joy/sucess too is very important. It takes a lot to be happy for somebody else, isn’t that a marker of who people really are.


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