366 days of us

A friends’ group turns a year old on whatsapp and all of us part of this group are thrilled!

We started off last year as collecting people from our batch of classmates and a year later, the classmates we had collected have now grown to become thicker friends šŸ™‚ What I would like to describe as pillows to cry on, shoulders to lean on and strong arms to hug..

I think this group has stuck together partly because we got to know each other better now, than we knew while we were in college.. and to reach this now, we have grown up, have some sense of maturity and are all even on many fronts rather than the scene was back then, the just-out-of-school fighting for grades, kind of kids šŸ™‚

Touch wood – Knock Wood, may no evil eye look our way.. let us all grow old this way .. helping each other and being there for each other, wanting to meet, stay together no matter who comes into our lives and who leaves.

It has been 366 days today enjoying every bit of the arguments, interactions, fights, love, learning and motivation, and the mini and big celebrations. ..

More years to us!

This is a short film, I don’t think you need to know Malayalam to understand the message šŸ™‚ enjoy the week šŸ™‚ Spreading smiles šŸ™‚


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