And what about Mosquito nets..

I am not used to sleeping inside mosquito nets, are you?

Well, two of my friends are. So when we had this makeshift girl gang weekend and pajama party, I was surprised to see this net rolled up on one side of the cot. By the time it was time foe bed, it was down and I was inside it, almost feeling trapped, trying to figure out how to get out.

The fun began a few minutes after I realized I was inside it. I was comfortably on the bed trying to read 2 pages from my night reading. That’s when one of my girls tucked in the mosquito net under the mattress from all sides. I did not realize a thing for more than a few minutes until I had to step out for some water.. and I realized I could not get out. There was this transparent pink net like material covering the entire cot, we were in some kind of a pink net igloo ๐Ÿ˜€

I sat there for more than a minute, thinking.. ย then nudged the one beside me. She just looked at me with that dazed look, and went back to her book. I nudged her again, and this time I told her “I want to get out of bed..” She said, “go,” you know in that casual sort of way.. I nudged her a third time and asked louder “woman how..” and that’s when it dawned on the two of them, my predicament..

Since laughing is infectious I had no other option but to join in.. We had a ball, we still do thinking of that first night under the net! ย And finally it just dawned on me, I had to be careful when I wake up in the morning, because if I do, like I do on every other day, I may just bring this entire contraption down..

It could be a cultural thing. I don’t remember sleeping inside a mosquito net at home, even though my city is known as the haven of the mosquito.. Since there are so many of them flying around, we tend to fix nets on all our windows and door to keep them away, like an additional door or a sliding window.. ย but I have never seen them attached to a bed..! (may have, is what I think.. but don’t quite remember)

I always thought of it as for babies.. those little covers you put on while they are sleeping or a cover to their cradles and cribs.. or as an accessory to a photography shoot of a bedroom … if at all.

Featured Pic: The window of my room, yes, that’s a sliding mosquito net in the background to keep them away, a precaution on the part of the institution folks ๐Ÿ˜‰


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8 thoughts on “And what about Mosquito nets..”

  1. The only time I remember sleeping inside one was when we use to go to kolkata for out summer holidays ..

    My maasi would put them but they had long strings to the four corners and attached to a hook in the wall ..


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    1. Moon came out very late tonight and yesterday night ya Parul. One of my friends who was fasting for karva chauth yesterday had a tough time. So we all looked out for the moon, to click a pic and send it to her.. which we all did as well..

      Oh! I will never forget this mosquito net ya.. even the next day morning I waited for these girls to wake up to untuck.. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. Lol… I can just imagine what that must have been like. But seriously you guys get together for a pajama party and read?? I mean girls watch movies or dress up or chat and gossip.. but you read?? That’s awesome cute. On another note I might just need to start a pins and ashes side blog. What memories your post brought out! During summer days when our cousins would all come over we would sleep on charpais out on the terrace or in the garden and we’d have these mosquito nets held up on dandas (for want of a better word). How we loved it!

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    1. Let’s say, we also read.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh yes, we have slept on the terrace too, and that is when I got into sky watching, watching the moon and the constellations..

      Bring on all those memories, I’m glad I can be of such help Tullika ๐Ÿ™‚ mosquito nets propped on dandas .. hee hee, you now what, I was looking out for mosquito net images on google, and I saw a few nets to be used on camp sites.. interesting ya! check out, dandas have become fashion too.

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  3. Ha ha ha, I can understand your situation! I thought those nets were out of ‘fashion’ (for want of a more appropriate word :p) but surprised to see it in action. I mean, I haven’t seen it for quite a long time!


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