2 malayalam films : 100 days of love & ache din, dq and his dad mammooty

#100 days of love stars Dulquar Salman and Nithya Menon. The Da Thadiya actor and the actor who played Prithviraj’s younger brother in Memories are the immediate co-stars supported by Vineeth and Praveena. FB, iphone and mac book play important roles as gadgets, so does a hamara bajaj scooter and a sholay film poster. The film released around the same time as Mani Ratnam’ OK Kanmani, so it was dq and nithya menon in love back to back for a film going tamil & mal audience!

Malayalam filmmakers, especially the recent crop who have become part of the industry are trying to avoid drama on purpose, so there are no Chitram kind of ‘dooore kizhakudichoo’ kind of songs .. here, but even Priyadarshan’s Chitram of 1988 was very realistic for that matter. He was the new gen of the time πŸ˜‰

Not too Filmy may be the right word. As is with these new films, this one too begins with a monologue. and within those 100 seconds he thrashes DDLJ kind of filmy love story πŸ™‚ a la DDLJ makes a fleeting appearance towards the end. But the film I thought was all about inversion, the hero dons the role of the villain or so he thinks and to bring that into fore, he does an extended Joker act.. πŸ™‚

This in itself is a long post, I’ll discuss the other film, Ache Din in another post.. it is DQ’s dad’s film … the plot is about how a common man saves the day. The Cochin in the film is very 2014-15, the traffic blocks induced because of the construction of the metro rail lines! Ratheesh’s son plays the villain.. he was seen in Fireman earlier this year, again opposite Mammootty as the villain.


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