A Brief History .. of 7 killings in time and nearly everything that crossed my mind :P

I’m very interested in the title of this year’s Booker winner… part of it says, “a brief history …” like its namesake “a brief history of time,” or “a briefer history of time,” or “my brief history”.. or the other book “a short history of nearly everything” what are the other book titles with a similar set of words..

I was at a similar kind of exercise with the name of the book written by Anuradha Roy, (new name again, but she has been at it for sometime now.. and the more interesting fact is that she is the co-founder and editor at Permanent Black) longlisted for the Booker this year.. the title “Sleeping on Jupiter” immediately triggered two connections.., one, the recent film with a similar name and two, the DreamWorks Animation logo the one with a half moon and a boy with a fishing rod. Since the folks at Dreamworks constantly adapt their logo by changing the position of their boy with each film.. well did a mini adaptation to suit this title.. I took the moon to be jupiter and the boy as sleeping on it 😛 😀

Ok, switch to another film.. Julia & Julie  I take you to that scene where her editor at Knof is suggesting titles for Julia’s book on that board on the wall in her office..She had picked up a few keywords from the book.. was toying with those words to bring forth the best these words could for the sake of the book… and tada.. Mastering the art of French Cooking was born..  It could have been just an imaginative exercise for the film adaptation of the book..

But I loved this scene of title making .. the thought that has to go into making one.. we could use it for creating titles for blog posts.. Most of us would say, if I ask that question on how you choose titles for your posts.., “oh it is random” with that hint of modesty and triviality (almost like it comes naturally, oh it does!) but I say, that unconscious natural randomness comes from the context of the post.. 🙂 😀

To random ramblings, book titles and the new booker..

PS: Booker books and I are not the best of friends.. I find them boring though they find a way to enter my book shelves.. once there I try to read them..  but they sit on that book shelf which says, “tried reading, could not finish.. cannot read another word..” Exceptions Midnight’s Children (which was initially a tough read) and The God of Small Things (my love/hate book). Plus, I do not read books just because they have the booker tag! So, that’s the picture 🙂


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6 thoughts on “A Brief History .. of 7 killings in time and nearly everything that crossed my mind :P”

  1. Blimey a whole article on giving a name..I wish I spend some time on giving a title to the article. Maybe I can find curious people coming over.. definitely food for thought. .

    I need to be more thoughtful and creative. .

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  2. You should try The White Tiger and Life of Pi if you haven’t read them already. For Booker-prize winning novels, they are extremely readable.

    I love the title of this year’s Booker winner, but somehow not too enthralled by the story idea to pick it up.

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    1. The White Tiger is part of the Booker not my friend shelf.. I tried! I enjoyed Life of Pi 🙂 I’m not sure whether I will pick this one up.. but the title makes for so much of talk 🙂 Thanks Nish 🙂


  3. Finding an appropriate title is tough. Even Shakespeare came up with names like ‘As You Like it’!! As for Bookers – yeah not all are great reads. Sometimes like The White Tiger even if I manage to read the book I cannot figure out what made it deserve a Booker. But then I’m no book connoisseur – I read what I like.

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