Morning Details

I woke up at 7.47 am.. saw the sun streaming in, drew the curtains and rolled back in to wake up at 8.14 am. My day started then. It is 9.27am now, and the sun which was shining ever so brightly has gone behind a few clouds.. and the world outside has turned into a paler Sunday from the sunny one.

Do you wake up at these odd times.. 7.47, 9.27. 8.14? I loved this particular detail about that book the Gone Girl. It was right there in the first couple of pages itself about this waking up at odd times instead of 7.30 or 8.15 or 9.. and that was one of my wicket gates that I opened into the story of this book. This little detail was something which I felt was so me.. but it was also so somebody else, even though the character was fictitious 😛 And when I happened to ask around with an FB status message… there was a whole world around me who was so 7.47, and 9.27.

That brings me to the details of our routine we discuss with others. This detail had to come in Gone Girl which I felt attracted to and them compelled to asked around.. and then, I realized it was almost the same with many. Even they asked themselves why a 9.27, why not a 9.30.. and even the best of friends that we were we had not discussed these littlest of details we woke up with.. strange! Are these our little secrets? or those tiniest of details which never comes up in a real discussion but are so ingrained in our lives..

I wonder how many such details are there.. may be I should start writing a thought diary (like a food diary or a book review diary or work diary) where I can write down for a week or two almost every thought that has crossed my mind.. from the littlest to the biggest.. because those little thoughts and details are the real sources of connection, of attraction of likes.. of love.. of joy.. (Since I already received a diary, a handmade one at that.. as a gift, I’ll put it to good use, to unwind details… and write them down.. , so that I can look them up 24 years from now).

PS: Now let’s see.. this is the year of 2015, so +20 equals 2035+4 makes it 2039.. oh plus kites have yellow claws (look at the featured pic)


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5 thoughts on “Morning Details”

  1. First if all that is a lovely hawk I think or is it a eagle in the pic..

    The gone girl I have seen the movie and without sounding awkward.. and clearly weird my alarm goes off at 6.13:).. no idea why…

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    1. your alarm goes off at 6:13.. that means you set it at that ya! Biks.. hi5!

      I think it is an eagle! not sure. the one in your profile pic. Comes everyday at a particular time on that branch.


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