Monday Sunny Musings from a Bombay: Window Chronicles

It is back to warm mornings in Bombay today. The sun has been waking me up for the last two-three days. So if anybody including facebook asks me what’s on my mind, I’d say the sun. As a result, the restless me could not resist. There was sun pouring itself lavishly into the room through the window, and I had to click .. so a photo shoot of little things on my table near the window. sunny bombay

Morning, Sunny Bombay. Welcome back..

I’m not too happy about the sun because it has been stark humid these past so many days. Are you wondering what stark humid is? It is just humidity to the power of say 48. All I did was sweat, bathe, sweat, bathe, wash clothes, sweat, bathe… that is putting it a little too much of a combination of sweat and bathe and wash ..sunny mornings

it was hot, humid, the body reacted by sweating it out, I retaliated by taking bath.. the washing machine was happy to go on a spin with the clothes in it..

eventful weekend.. and with the rains peeping in occasionally and that’s when the cool breeze stepped in too. Even now, even though it is stark sunny (I think stark is the word of the day, I’m stuck with) there is a lilting cool breeze flowing in..sunny mornings bombay 3


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