Gandhi is a libran :D

And, as we talked like we do off and on, there was this comment.. ‘Gandhi is a libran.’ It is true. There is nothing so wrong about it. But, it did sound a little strange, even to you right, like it sounded to me! Oh! it is true because he was born on October 2, therefore, he falls squarely into the middle of the Libran Sign (September 24-October 23) in the zodiac. No wonder, as these people are known for, he tried to clean the disputes and find a solution 🙂 The proof is all of us blogging 😉

To tell you the truth, this bit of information sounded every bit weird and strange because I haven’t thought of Gandhi as a Libran before. It never occured to me, is it like that with people like him! I can think of my Dad as an Aquarian, one of my besties as Sagitarian. Let’s see.. what about Nehru? November 14, Children’s Day.. 🙂 A Scoropio man may sound fitting for Indira may be if she was still alive,  (Nov 14). Let’s try another, Dr. Radhakrishnan is a virgo man (Sept 5).. September 5th is teacher’s day! Mother Mary is a virgo woman (Sept 8), sure she was beautiful always covered in white and blue robes.. pretty woman 😉 (is that a sacrilege now? 😛 Jesus Christ is a Capricorn man (Dec 25)!

It is definitely strange to associate these people with the signs. But then another friend  points out Gandhi is one of the examples of a Libran man in our Linda Goodman book, the famous one time read book 😀

Leaving you with this quote.. pic..

Pic from FB shared by Womansera.
Pic from FB shared by Womansera.

This one idea had its roots in a conversation with some of my closest friends during one of our chats 🙂 Found the information fascinating and I had to share 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Gandhi is a libran :D”

  1. Oh god no.. I did not realise till you wrote it nehru is a Scorpio. . God.. now I wish I was not a Scorpio. .

    And I better not sat anything on gandhi. . The world’s most luckiest person who did th eworst for a nation and still is called the father of a nation.. when hundreds deserve to be called before him…

    Some people are born with all the luck. ..

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    1. even I had that startled but amusing expression! like “Oh! ya he is.. ” and we did match him to the characteristics of a libran man.. 😉 as far the histories of the Indian nation goes, well.. there are so many many loopholes in there! well the party needed a mascot.. let’s put it that way 😉


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