On a rainy day in Bombay…

So, the friend the same one from the Dahi Handi post rings me up and says, we are going out tomorrow after noon. Ya! And I did exactly as she said. I was ready to accompany her where ever she wanted to go. I can see that smile popping out from the sides of your lips.. [arent you thinking of that one or two friends where you can exercise such freedom?]

It was a working day and there was some group thing happening in the department, but an order is an order. We bunked the meeting, took a train and where was I going?

I was going to meet Lalbagh ka Raja. No, we didnt have to stand in the long queues.. or sit overnight or even wait. This friend of mine for her research works with a particular trade union. And trade unions are alloted a specific time to visit the Raja. The two of us that day became part of that group. We were in and out of the pandal in about half an hour.

It was a great experience, jealousy inducing as well when we shared it with our friends.. but we had fun on that rainy day.


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