the sun and the clouds when it rained!

What never changed was the building you see in the picture. For over the last few weeks I have seen this building take shape. They were building it, block by block, the scaffolding was on, the building grew grey when they cemented it, the grey turned to a white colour when they applied the whitewash.. the scaffolding was gone this weekend.. but then, it began to rain..

The building for me over the weekend became a measure of the intensity of the rain. Because the clouds has set up home right behind it between the building and the hills.. you can see a line of the hills there in the picture too. So too many clouds, too much rain, the hills disappeared amidst a blanket of mist..the last point visible before the sky was this building

The sun seemed to have rested over the weekend, he may have taken off on vacation putting the rains in charge.. but during those brief intervals of the-rain-has-stopped-let’s-go-to-the-shop-for-a-walk-before-it-starts-raining-again, the sun too seemed to peep out. It seemed difficult for him to even open his eyes. He had to wade through these layers of clouds, white, grey, black.. but come out he did.. and when he did, the sky appeared to just be picture perfect .. like in the pictures we have seen when a power rises in the sky..  the gods, the god avatars descended on to the earth..

… brings me to, the artists do get their inspiration from nature, this picture becomes the background for many religious text.. what they do is place an imaginary figure in front of these clouds.. think of a person with a crown covered with ornaments with multiple heads or an old man clad in white clothes, white hair and long white beard.. such a picture alongside the religious literature in the hands of an influential orator becomes etched…. the scene has quite an impact … now that is what the setting sun over weekend reminded me of, all those pictures from the children’s scriptures and epics adapted as tv serials and films ..

The picture is of a sunset on one of the days from this weekend.. yes, the direction you are looking at is the west, because you can see the setting sun!! about 6:45ish in the evening IST.


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