The diary – Castle SE0415


Friend: “were you able to look for a diary .. the kind which in castle”

Me: “Have been looking but not found” after a pause “I found it in the airport once, but that was before I met you.

Friend: “Clearly the lack of a time machine is a hindrance in this case”


This is a conversation the two of us, a friend and I, have had off and on.. This conversation could be in the middle of some discussion, out of the blue just like that without an intro.. or when we sit down to discuss that episode of Castle.

If you’r not familiar with the context, Castle, here, refers to the character played by Nathon Fillion the eponymous American television crime drama series. He plays the role of a bestselling writer who for his new book inspiration teams up with NYDP Detectives Kate Beckett, Esposito and Ryan and help them to solve cases. Their team has been at it for many seasons now, successfully. Castle Season 8 is going to be aired in like 13 days from now.. (Castle has lost its charm after it diverted intoΒ casket, this is my viewpoint wholly but ya!…)

The Diary in question in the conversation came into focus after a particular episode of Castle, The Blue Butterfly, SE0415. It was a fascinating piece of manuscript in the episode which helps the four of them to solve the case. But what attracted the friend and me, especially the friend, is the diary itself. It is one of those leather jacketed diaries.. antique looking, with a clasp. One look and it became one of those desirable stationeryΒ both of us wanted to own.

The closest I have come to that diary look alike was at the airport, once.. and took a picture of (the featured picture of this post). But that was before I knew the friend, started watching castle, before this 2012 episode. So I never purchased it at time for some reason I don’t remember. A set of diaries I have never ever come across after, although I have seen many alternatives… but none were as desirable as these.

ps: i can almost predict the thoughts in another friend’s head after this post πŸ˜› πŸ˜› all I have to say is, patience my friend, patience πŸ˜› (one of the few people who haven’t given up hope in me :))


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8 thoughts on “The diary – Castle SE0415”

    1. oops! Biks, a friend and I are looking out to buy a diary like in the featured picture of this post. We saw this diary in an episode of a television series called Castle.

      I have been searching for this kind of diary ever since that episode was aired. So, if you find a similar looking diary anywhere, you can tell me where it is available and I can place an order for two.

      That is all the story my friend πŸ™‚


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