Monday Short Musings : Sunset Rambles

It is a cloudy monday morning and I want to say something but I don’t know what and how. I wish I had a meme.. or a prompt to organize my thoughts this morning! Since that is not an option at the moment, well let’s see .. not a rant, but i may just ramble .. you are free to leave like right now, if you havn’t left already πŸ˜›

I woke up to a brilliant sunset last evening. I had dozed off mid way through something and as I woke up I was a witness to the sky going dark. That after the sun has just set kind of colours!! I love the sky during those times.. and yesterday was this lazy sunset evening, on my bed.. looking out of the window.. being a witness to the far away hills and buildings becoming silouttes and slowly with every moving minute completely merging with the black of the night, until lights came on in those buildings…

I rarely get to watch a sunset as my room window where I work faces east.. when not there, I would be inside labs looking at everything except the sky. But on those days as I walk back to my room around this time, the sun would be ready to set.. the entire sky would be a shade of orange.. that big orange-red ball will be visible at the horizon.. the sky would them turn a shade of lilac, purple, dark blue … mmm bliss πŸ˜€ Some images go directly to the brain’s memory bank.. this is one such!


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7 thoughts on “Monday Short Musings : Sunset Rambles”

  1. Sunsets are always amazing except I rarely get to watch one since our house too faces the east. As for your breakfast – is that a five star bar? That’s all I registered.

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