Loham | Ranjith-Mohanlal and a lot of others ..

Loham did not work for me even when I am an eternal Mohanlal fan and look forth to a Ranjith film. I think it did not work for anybody in that fully packed hall during that particular show over the weekend! It was slow and boring and by the end of the film, I would say, we were a set of well behaved audience for this film. Nobody walked out in the middle of the film, though it was totally worth walking out, nobody abused anybody, none talked or cursed about the money spent! We just sat quietly for a minute when the film was over to figure out what just happened in the last two hours and walked out without a word!

the first half of the first half is the meatiest part of the film because there are a set of sequences of events and the audience is asked to make the connections, that was fun that part of trying to make sense of the goings on the screen.. Ranji Panikkar with his ponytail and yellow glasses was funny! So was the character played by Siddique and his betting games!

The new generation- senior jokes sucked big time! why oh why! lost count of how many people came and went throughout the film, too many people to even count.. for apparently no reason! May be Ranjith the director wanted to capture the slice of life of few of his characters when they were not involved in the main gold plot of story!

When Mohanlal says, “not Gandhinagar 2nd street?” when his passenger says she wants to go to Gandhinagar 3rd street! I liked that bit of reference! but wondered where that Mohanlal had vanished! Drishyam was so good, that it becomes a point of comparison!

Onam + Aashamsakal = Onashamsakal 🙂 Similarly Janmadinam + Aashamsakal = Janmadinashamsakal

Here’s a song showing the variety of dishes from Kerala.. you’ll have water enough for a ship (that is like a literal translation of a popular Malayalam saying) if you can understand the lyrics of the song! The title track from the Ashiq Abu film, Salt n Pepper, released a few years back.


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